April 07, 2015
1st Period - 5:19
2014-2015 Regular Season
Voting Results
Ryan White 8.5% (7 votes)
Eric Boulton 75.6% (62 votes)
Draw 15.9% (13 votes)

Past User Reviews
Posted by Dijo on April 07, 2015 at 09:32 PM

Oh My God is that BOULTON!!! Good to see him back. This is definitely his encore. I can't see him back next season with anyone. I can't believe fight fans are complaining that this fight didn't need to happen because it was a clean hit. Clean hit, dirty hit, who cares? BOULTON's back!!! We got to see him fight at least one more time. Give White credit. He's not in Boulton's league, but he didn't hesitate and got at least one good punch in. Is Matt Carkner back too?!?! Either way I love the Islanders. Last year they brought up Justin Johnson and Bret Gallant at the end of the season. Go Isles Go!!!

Posted by Mounty in NC on April 07, 2015 at 08:34 PM

White should have gotten an instigator penalty as well. Very clean hit by Boulton and no reason for White to step up for a teammate. Boulton with the big hit and the win! Michaelflyers.... You vote Flyers win every fight, you are as pathetic as your sorry Flyers!

Posted by The Mad House on April 07, 2015 at 09:40 PM

Agree with everything DIJO said Great to see one of my all time favorites back with the gloves off! I know he's played a few times this year, but this is obviously his first scrap of the season In the first few games he's played, he's had slim-pickings Not many guys in the bigs today willing to fight Boulton Which is obviously very sad to see Props to White as he steps waaay out his weight class

Posted by EK65 on April 08, 2015 at 09:06 PM

Nice hit by Boulton White challenges and proceeds to lose to the old man. If that was Boulton's last fight congrats on a good career. A definite hard working guy managed to stick around. Boulton & 5

Posted by Great Murray on April 08, 2015 at 06:28 AM

Great Hit! White survives a potential beating by spinning to the ice. No punches landed but Boulton wins anyway. The Flyers should have been doing this since the beginning of the season. Their best player has been doing the fighting...not good. As for the sissies that don't like the fights after a clean hit...old time hockey boys! If you run over one of my mates you get to answer the bell. Believe it or not Ted Lindsey used to be Gordie Howe's protector...not that he really needed one. That's what fighting is really for. That's what some of you don't get. Gary Bettman is having a crepe/yogurt love fest after the season...I'm sure he'll invite you...don't forget your sanitary feminine products.

Posted by Brooksy on April 08, 2015 at 07:11 AM

Not sure why everyone assumes the Bolt would eat him , lost balance I'd say Good hit Good response Crap fight Bolt

Posted by hkhk on April 08, 2015 at 12:35 AM

the good ole days flyers would have there heavy drop boulton now nothing thanks white for going with boulton a true old school fighter there this is probably it for him clean hit though just glad to see some gloves for this boring azz NHL now

Posted by ironbar44 on April 07, 2015 at 10:00 PM

BOULTON wanted a whole lot more of him .

Posted by jerry s on April 08, 2015 at 05:37 AM

maybe white wants to keep his job for next year thank god he went to the ice quickly looked like boulton was finding the range

Posted by Canner on April 07, 2015 at 10:04 PM

White looking for the nod of approval from Boults in the box!! Seriously??

Posted by rocky 1 on April 08, 2015 at 01:14 PM

Gave this fight a 4.White landed one good one but was probably saved by hitting the ice before Bolton started punishing him!

Posted by ghjkfdhgfd on April 08, 2015 at 12:33 AM

The boltman

Posted by hipcheckCHI on April 08, 2015 at 01:02 AM

Clean hit. No hesitation by White, who's WAY out of his weight class. Have to respect the cojones, and White even gets a good pop in, but Boulton takes this easily.

Posted by DARCY T on April 25, 2015 at 04:53 AM

boulton finally got his 1st fight at the end of the season due to lack of games played.white didnt hesitate to challenge the heavyweight after his hit on colaiacovo but boulton controlled this short fight...edge boulton

Posted by Jellyczar on April 08, 2015 at 10:35 PM

BOULTON???? Where has he been? White does not want any of that....

Posted by mikebflorida on April 08, 2015 at 10:38 AM

Thanks for the memories Eric. Probably the last time you get to skate in the NHL thanks to the serious cut down on fighting. You went from a dirty toilet bug with the Sabres and Thrashers to a warrior later in your career and gained my respect. Good clean hit, White steps up, a little too aggressively but that's ok, better than doing nothing.

Posted by Ronnie82 on April 09, 2015 at 04:36 PM

Lighting Boulton strikes again and gets the win. Here's hoping the Isles keep him next year and other enforcers find a job. I have a feeling whoever gets McDavid or Jack might sign a classic enforcer for protecting their asset. Would love to see Orr or Boulton in Arizona or Buffalo!

Posted by FtheRangers on April 08, 2015 at 10:12 AM


Posted by LGR33 on April 08, 2015 at 06:36 AM

sadly i feel like this might be boutons last scrap of his career. I hope not but it feels like it

Posted by 29th_Candidate on April 08, 2015 at 11:27 PM

I like that a clean hit by Boulton afflicts White with a case of of temporary insanity, but this was a complete mismatch and it showed in the result. Each gets a shot in, before Bolts takes it over and White wisely hits the deck to avoid having Boults mop the ice with him. Clear win - Boulton. He got the first, last and best shot in. Besides, can't award a draw to a guy for getting a shot in (on a helmet no less) and then trying to flop to the ice to avoid taking his medicine like a man.

Posted by English_Bruin on April 08, 2015 at 10:24 AM

Decent attempt at enforcement but it ended before it began, 1 punch each and a fall.

Posted by BennyD on April 08, 2015 at 09:56 AM

Clean hit by EB. Each guy lands 1 solid shot each. 5 and a draw.

Posted by gkyle on April 11, 2015 at 01:59 PM

White leaves a mark !

Posted by nait on April 07, 2015 at 08:21 PM

another crap fight over a clean hit

Posted by EDDUBBS on April 08, 2015 at 10:26 AM


Posted by lucic17 on April 07, 2015 at 11:14 PM

Love seeing Boulton back in action. A bittersweet reminder of better days gone past. White gets much credit for jumping in there and I can't say I blame him for ducking out early. Boulton throws bombs and would have killed this kid. He showed up, did enough, and survived. Good job by both and a great hit.

Posted by Clowes ABeast29 on April 08, 2015 at 04:49 PM

where the hell was boults when we played the iles? and scott was dressed?

Posted by Humper on April 07, 2015 at 09:59 PM

Boulton wins this, but not by a lot. White did well for himself considering his competition.

Posted by Don Berry on April 08, 2015 at 06:31 PM

Does Eric Boulton play? First fight of the year. Tough guy without an oz of playing ability. Hammer head

Posted by King of Goons on April 09, 2015 at 10:58 PM

White went down because he was punched squarely in the jaw, and quickly decided he couldn't afford to get hit like that again. Dominating win for Boulton. Ditto to everything Mounty in NC wrote. Who was the idiot who voted for White? Oh, it was the guy with the vag. What a "surprise".

Posted by doobi1 on April 08, 2015 at 11:12 AM

So, White attempts to be a Philly hero, but Boulton beats the snot out of him. White did manage one good one, but the Bolt taught him a schoolboy lesson. WIN to Boulton.

Posted by hardcase on April 07, 2015 at 09:13 PM

white is an ass

Posted by bigmike53 on April 07, 2015 at 11:14 PM

White goes after Boulton with no hesitation. You know Boulton was itching to go and it was probably fortunate for White that they went to the ice quickly. Close scrap and a Draw.

Posted by boldbilly on April 08, 2015 at 07:16 AM

This fight was a draw......I like Boulton, but I don't like the the shot he throws when they are both down.......a lot of White hatred here that I don't understand the guy scores goals and goes after anyone and everyone......Montreal was stupid not to sign such a valuable character player...I scored this a 5

Posted by tpr1960 on April 07, 2015 at 10:43 PM

Great job by White. Attacks a REAL fighter and does a good job. He broke Martins nose earlier. And White has 6 goals and is having a good year, Boulton...is this his first game ?? Has he ever scored a goal in his career?? Oh and the flyers won, Isles sinking like a stone..................

Posted by sixclocks on April 08, 2015 at 07:28 PM

the only punch that would do any hurt was landed by white. I give him the decision. Possibly a draw but boulton did not win.