Ryan VandenBussche

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Feb 28, 1973
From: Simcoe, ON Canada
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs.
NHL Fights: 15
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. P.J. Stock
3 Pd 2:52
@CHI BOS P.J. Stock
Voted winner:  P.J. Stock   (20%) - Voted rating: 7.9
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Ian Laperriere
2 Pd 10:25
@CHI LAK Ian Laperriere
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Denny Lambert vs. Ryan VandenBussche
2 Pd 2:45
CHI @ANA Denny Lambert
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Jason Strudwick vs. Ryan VandenBussche
1 Pd 17:51
CHI @VAN Jason Strudwick
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Sean Brown vs. Ryan VandenBussche
1 Pd 10:20
CHI @EDM Sean Brown
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Steve Webb
1 Pd 2:14
@CHI NYI Steve Webb
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Darren McCarty
2 Pd 10:32
@CHI DET Darren McCarty
A fair drop of the gloves along the boards near the benches. Vandy initiates the grab and McCarty lowers his head and grabs on too. Lots of tugging and McCarty pushes Vandy's helmet off. They're near the Wings bench now and McCarty has Ryan's jersey over his head so he lets loose with a left that comes up empty. Vandy, even though blinded, connects a glancing blow off of McCartys head. Darren lands a weak left to the shoulder and then comes under with an uppercut that appears to land flush on Vandenbussche's beak. A follow up left from McCarty lands to the side of the head. Vandy is having a hell of a time with that jersey and is in trouble. A WILD right from McCarty misses everything . Vandy's jersey just gave birth to a brand new head! Bob Probert is cruising nearby... They're both jostling for position. In close now up against the boards. McCarty fires a left that looks like it missed. Probert just cross checked somebody! Darren and Vandy are watching him now! They're done?! Hmmmm. This was kinda weird. Probert then points to the bench and starts yelling and has to be escorted off the ice. Other Penalties: Bob Probert received a roughing and misconduct; VandenBussche an interference.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Denny Lambert
1 Pd 19:1
@CHI ANA Denny Lambert
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Kevin Sawyer
1 Pd 8:55
@CHI ANA Kevin Sawyer
They both squared off and started throwing from the face-off. Started in fron of the Ducks bench and wound up more toward the center of the arena. Both traded many punches while the last one that Sawyer tried to land caught Vandy's helmet flush. Made a loud crunching noise.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Reed Low
1 Pd 8:30
@CHI STL Reed Low
Vandy smashed Nash to the boards with a check, Low comes in and the two agree to go. They have a short but fair square off then they grab on. Low loses his footing quickly while Vandy grabs hold and throws a couple of lefts with not much damage. Low then counters with a punch or two that totally miss their mark then Low once again falls to the ice.
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Jim McKenzie vs. Ryan VandenBussche
2 Pd 7:17
CHI @NJD Jim McKenzie
They go right off the draw after a Holik goal. The first two camera angles could have been better. The first one is your traditional far away shot from high up anytime there is a center ice faceoff. The second one they tried to get an ice level shot but the cameraman must have been getting into the fight because the camera was jumping all around! Anyway, they just start firing at each other right off the draw. All offense no defense. McKenzie really looks like he is nailing Vandy with lefts. Vandy landed some shots but was having trouble reaching Jim. Then, they stop and get in a little closer and get defensive. McKenzie is throwing some straight shots at Vandy, and Vandy is taking some, but takes a Domi style approach as he lowers his head and waits for an opening to throw a bomb. He tries 4 and lands 3, two real good ones. While he is doing that, about half of Jim's shots hit the mark. Then McKenzie lands a real good left, then an uppercut and one more and then he just wraps up Vandy. Maybe he felt he hurt VandenBussche and stopped. I don't know if that was the case because the linesmen were in no rush to break it up and Vandy really did not look hurt. Chico Resch said Mac outlands about 2 to 1. He also gave Vandy his due and said just before the game, Vandy was shadowboxing for about 3 minutes outside the locker room.
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Brad May vs. Ryan VandenBussche
1 Pd 2:10
CHI @ARI Brad May
Vandy runs a Coyote into the end boards at the start of the game. Brad May jumps in with gloves off and throws 3-4 punches to the back of VandenBussche who still has his gloves on. Vandy is knocked to one knee, quickly gets up and starts throwing them. Each man is throwing really hard with alot of punches landing. About 5 or 6 huge lefts landed for each man. Very entertaining scrap as each man is throwing quick, huge bombs. Other Penalties: May received a roughing.
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Matt Bradley vs. Ryan VandenBussche
3 Pd 10:39
CHI @SJS Matt Bradley
Other Penalties: Adam Graves received a roughing and misconduct; Mark Bell a roughing.
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Donald Brashear vs. Ryan VandenBussche
1 Pd 8:52
CHI @PHI Donald Brashear
They square off behind the play. The fight then goes the way of the typical Brash fight (in close with the huggy). Brash gets Vandy's helmet off and gets some shots to the back of the head. They exchange with Brash getting the better before he takes Vandy down with a left or kind of throws him down with his left, not sure.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Denny Lambert
1 Pd 11:6
@CHI ANA Denny Lambert
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