Ryan VandenBussche

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Feb 28, 1973
From: Simcoe, ON Canada
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs.
NHL Fights: 18
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Kip Brennan vs. Ryan VandenBussche
2 Pd 6:27
CHI @LAK Kip Brennan
Voted winner:  Kip Brennan   (57.9%) - Voted rating: 6.6
Brennan hits Vandy in the corner, no call. They skate a little and then drop them. They grapple, get loose again, and both get some good shots in. Brennan has the upper hand, throws some soft uppercuts. They exchange good shots, Vandy might have clipped Brennan with a shot and gets the takedown.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Garrett Burnett
1 Pd 3:41
@CHI ANA Garrett Burnett
Off the facoff they go. Burnett throws a quick jab that hits, then they lose hold of each other and circle again. They grab on, Burnett and Vandenbuche spin a little, and Vandenbusche gets his left free and lands a good left followed by more lefts that hit helmet. Burnett slips and Vandenbuschle lands on top.
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Andrew Ference vs. Ryan VandenBussche
1 Pd 7:21
CHI @CAL Andrew Ference
Good toe-to-toe bout with Vandy landing the better of the exchange.
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Garrett Burnett vs. Ryan VandenBussche
1 Pd 11:37
CHI @ANA Garrett Burnett
Voted winner:  Garrett Burnett   (100%) - Voted rating: 8
Vandenbussche and Burnett had a dandy of a go late in the first period. They exchanged some monster shots, while switching hands in the process. It was an old-fashioned duke-out, ending in a massive right hand by Burnett that KO'd Vandy. He got up and his nose just started pouring blood. Vandy was very slow to the bench, and almost fell as he tried to get back up. You can see Burnett tap Vandenbussche on the chest immediately after dropping him - a bit of gentlemanly goondom, if you will.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Gavin Morgan
1 Pd 2:50
@CHI DAL Gavin Morgan
Voted winner:  Ryan VandenBussche   (100%) - Voted rating: 6.9
Vandy pushes Morgan down to the ice in front of the benches. When Morgan gets up they shed the gloves and squareoff. Kevin Collins was lurking around tyring to get in. They jump in and grab on before he does and Morgan tries some rights as Vandy threw some lefts. Vandy gets in close and Morgan feeds him a couple of in-close uppercuts. Vandy spreads out and starts throwing the lefts, with one big one landing as Morgan lost his balance and fell backwards. Vandy threw in another while they were on the ice. When Morgan got up to skate to the box he stumbled and fell flat on his stomach. He was shaken up, but stayed in the box.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Steve McLaren
2 Pd 5:22
@CHI STL Steve McLaren
McLaren challenges Vandy along the boards and they drop the gloves. When the camera gets back to them, they're all locked up and McLaren throws an overhand left that connects. He then throws a right uppercut and body slams Vandy.
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Steve McKenna vs. Ryan VandenBussche
2 Pd 7:13
CHI @PIT Steve McKenna
They were in real tight. McKenna threw two rights that glanced off Vandy's helmet. Vandy tried to throw a couple, but McKenna had the reach advantage big time. They were tangled up and McKenna landed a nice left. Vandy tried to throw a couple more, but he couldn't connect with most because of Mac's reach advantage. He did land one very solid left though that did seem to stun McKenna and got the takedown.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Peter Worrell
1 Pd 18:3
@CHI COL Peter Worrell
Late in first these two go right off the draw with Chicago winning 2-0. In-close they start throwing, Worrell with rights and Vandy with the lefts. Worrell gets three to four straight rights in, Vandy answers with a left or two. They exchange a little more and Vandy throws a right or two then they fall to ice.
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Alex Henry vs. Ryan VandenBussche
2 Pd 10:38
CHI @MIN Alex Henry
Off the faceoff Vandy grabs Henry and starts jersey-punching as Henry tries to get a grip. Vandy throws one or two wild swings and connects on at least one of them, cutting Henry under the left eye. Henry locks him out and Ryan keeps trying to reach him, but didn't get anything in. They both start swinging with each guy landing one or two. Vandy starts to jersey Henry and pull his head down. At this point the jersey is over his head and they each throw one. A blinded Henry missed and Vandy got in a punch to the top of Henry's helmet. The linesmen come in as the jersey is now back to normal on Henry.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Jody Shelley
1 Pd 2:56
@CHI CBJ Jody Shelley
Starts at center ice. When the camera gets there they have a good hold on each other's arms. Shelley threw a right uppercut and Vandy tried some over the top lefts, nothing landing of any significance. They grapple some more and both threw a connecting punch at the same time, Shelley with the left and Vandy with the right. Vandy had Shelley bent over and the linesmen decided to jump in. Vandy more active in this fight then Shelley was.
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Jody Shelley vs. Ryan VandenBussche
1 Pd 14:48
CHI @CBJ Jody Shelley
Voted winner:  Jody Shelley   (26.3%) - Voted rating: 7.8
They meet up towards the blue line and drop the gloves. They grab on and just start chucking them. Vandy with the lefts and Shelley with the rights, good toe to toe action. They slow down and each get the other's helmet off. They start up again, although not as piston-like this time. Shelley tries to switch hands, throws a left over the top and Vandy's tucked into Shelley's jersey to avoid it, and pushes him to the ice as the linesmen come in. They skate off and Vandy has a small cut on his nose.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Doug Doull
1 Pd 8:30
@CHI BOS Doug Doull
Voted winner:  Ryan VandenBussche   (57.1%) - Voted rating: 6.9
Vandy gets Doull's helmet off and then swings a nice shot to the exposed noggin. Both get a grip and land simultaneous bombs. Vandy's makes Doull turn away and then both land one or two shots looking for the knockout. Doull starts to go off-balance and as he is falling back Vandy is throwing one or two more as Vandy lands on top.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Darcy Hordichuk
1 Pd 4:38
@CHI FLA Darcy Hordichuk
Voted winner:  Ryan VandenBussche   (48.6%) - Voted rating: 8.5
They meet up near the Hawks' bench, drop the gloves and away they go. For a good 12 seconds they go toe to toe exactly the way you'd think these two would. Vandy sticks with the left the whole time, while Hordi start with the right, mixes in a few lefts, goes back to the right, and switches back and forth again. Many punches from both sides landing. They finally tire a bit, get in-close and the linesmen come in. Hordi skates away with a nick on his nose, and Vandy's got multiple small cuts on his face. Excellent bout.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Andre Roy
2 Pd 9:43
@CHI TBL Andre Roy
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Garrett Burnett
1 Pd 8:43
@CHI ANA Garrett Burnett
Starts at center ice, both grab on and jostle for position. Burnett throws two quick overhand lefts and Vandy answers back with one of his own. They spin around and Burnett throws a right overtop that misses while Vandy ducks and tries some lefts of his own, both glancing Burnett. They get in-tight and spin around. Burnett gets the right free and starts pumping rights, forcing Vandy down to a knee.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Wade Brookbank
1 Pd 3:10
@CHI VAN Wade Brookbank
Vandy asks for this one and they drop em and get in close early. Both fighters get each other's helmet off. Brookbank tries a few rights which don't go anywhere. Brookbank then gets his left free and throws three shots. It looked like two missed clearly and the third might have landed. Vandy then goes for the take down in a short fight.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Matt Johnson
1 Pd 9:29
@CHI MIN Matt Johnson
Both are throwing and Vandenbussche is landing a couple of glancing blows, then he starts losing balance. Johnson lands a big uppercut solidly then lands a nice right hand to the jaw. There's a couple of more punches and then some grappling down to the ice.
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Jim McKenzie vs. Ryan VandenBussche
1 Pd 10:3
CHI @NSH Jim McKenzie
Voted winner:  Jim McKenzie   (54.2%) - Voted rating: 3.1
Tootoo's dishing out hits and Vandy retaliates and roughs him up. McKenzie comes over and they drop the gloves. They grab on and Vandy's working at getting McKenzie's helmet off. They each miss a punch and then McKenzie takes him down. Other Penalties: VandenBussche received a cross checking.