Donald Brashear

2005-2006 Preseason Fight Card
Position: LW
Birthday: Jan 07, 1972
From: Bedford, IN United States
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225 lbs.
NHL Fights: 3
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Donald Brashear vs. Krzysztof Oliwa
2 Pd 8:48
@PHI NJD Krzysztof Oliwa
Voted winner:  Donald Brashear   (72.7%) - Voted rating: 6
Other Penalties: Oliwa received a game misconduct; the NJ bench received an abuse of officials penalty.
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Krzysztof Oliwa vs. Donald Brashear
1 Pd 8:24
PHI @NJD Krzysztof Oliwa
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Grant Marshall vs. Donald Brashear
3 Pd 11:41
PHI @NJD Grant Marshall