Donald Brashear

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: LW
Birthday: Jan 07, 1972
From: Bedford, IN United States
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225 lbs.
NHL Fights: 11
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Donald Brashear vs. Stephen Peat
3 Pd 10:59
@PHI WAS Stephen Peat
Brashear gets in early with lefts. Peat comes back and its a good toe-to-toe. Brashear gets some lefts at the end. He is then bent over and the linesmen break it up.
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Donald Brashear vs. Andrei Nazarov
3 Pd 16:49
@PHI ARI Andrei Nazarov
Brash takes a little run at Vaananen and Naz comes flying up and tries to run Brash, who at the last second drops to his knees to avoid it. Brash starts to skate up ice, then decides he's going to answer this challenge. They square off, then Naz goes for a straight right that just grazes the top of Brash's lid. Brash grabs a hold and Naz throws 4 lefts and a right to the side of Brash's head, but they've got nothing on them because Brash is too strong and has a bear hug on Andrei. Nazarov throws a left while Brash throws a short left that may have hit. Brash with a short uppercut, can't tell if it hit. Brash with a left behind Naz's head. Naz then throws another nothing left. Now Brash has him in a double headlock and is trying to get his helmet off, their faces are about an inch apart. Brashear with an overhand left that misses. Nazarov with a left to Brash's temple/cheek. Now Naz has a bear hug on Brash as well, and another nothing left from Naz. Brashear throws a left that's short and Naz just misses a good uppercut. Now they're both literally hugging and Brash tries to pull away. He throws a right that loses its muster as it reaches Nazarov's face. Donald then lands a nice right to Naz's cheek as Naz lands a short left to Brash's face. Pulling Brash downward, Naz misses an overhead left. Now Naz is up against the Yotes' bench and Brashear thows a quick left to Naz's ear. Two more that glance his helmet. Naz tries a left, but nothing. Brashear looked to land another nice, quick, short left. Now Brash's left is free and Naz is going to his knees. Brash throws about 3-4 quick uppercuts, but cant see what hit directly. The linesmen come in and there's blood on the back of Brash's jersey from a cut on Andrei's face.
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Stephen Peat vs. Donald Brashear
1 Pd 6:19
PHI @WAS Stephen Peat
Starts off the faceoff. Both drop them, they lock up and Brash drops the first shot in then they go toe to toe and lock up again. Brash's helmet is off, and they trade off again. Better shots from Brash. Action slows a bit and Brash gets Peat's helmet off and gets a couple of more shots in clean.
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Brad Norton vs. Donald Brashear
2 Pd 12:19
PHI @LAK Brad Norton
They were talking during the Brennan-McAllister fight, but waited until the next faceoff. They're shoving while lined up, but the ref tells them to wait until the puck is dropped. Right when it's dropped, so are the gloves. Norton throws a couple of lefts while Brashear pulls Norton in close. Brash has him in tight while landing several lefts. An uppercut looks like it sends Norton down, but he quickly bounces back up. Some more grappling and Norton falls again and the linesmen come in.
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Eric Cairns vs. Donald Brashear
1 Pd 2:13
PHI @NYI Eric Cairns
Along the boards, Cairns checks Brash. He turns around, they give a look and drop the gloves. They take their time, shed the pads, pull up the sleeves, and squareoff. They grab on, Brash pulling in, Cairns pulling away. A punch by Cairns, and then Cairns gets Brash's jersey up over his head. He throws two more, before the linesmen rush in (because of the jersey).
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Donald Brashear vs. Darren McCarty
1 Pd 8:21
@PHI DET Darren McCarty
Brashear nails a Wing, in comes McCarty and instantly challenges Brashear. Nice sqare off and away they go in a short toe-to-toe exchange. Brashear looks to land 5-6 lefts including one uppercut to McCarty's one. McCarty then falls on top of Brashear.
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Jim McKenzie vs. Donald Brashear
1 Pd 8:22
PHI @NJD Jim McKenzie
This one started after the Devils jumped out to two quick goals. Brashear is just trying to give the Flyers a little life. Brashear pushes McKenzie against the glass and Jim says let's go. They square off and both land some weak punches back and forth. Brashear looked to land at least one good one. Average fight, neither could get loose. Seemed like Brashear was actually trying to open up, while Jim wanted to stay in close.
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Reed Low vs. Donald Brashear
2 Pd 2:42
PHI @STL Reed Low
Both square off the faceoff. Grapple for position, Reed lands a good right hand. Brashear starts spin-ragdolling him. Brash lands 2 good rights. Grapple some more, Brash spin-ragdolls Low to his knees.
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Donald Brashear vs. Darren Langdon
3 Pd 7:4
@PHI VAN Darren Langdon
Langdon does the right thing and goes after Primeau in order to get Donald to go. Brashear comes in, but seems like he has zero intention of actually fighting. Langdon lands with short punches, that weren't much at all. Brashear responds with three attempted lefts that puts them off-balance and everybody falls down. Other Penalties: Keith Primeau received a roughing; Langdon a double roughing.
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Dale Purinton vs. Donald Brashear
3 Pd 9:41
PHI @NYR Dale Purinton
Fight is in the Rangers' zone. Gloves come off and they are in close. Brashear starts with the lefts, throwing 3 or 4 to the side of the helmet and face. Purinton then responds with 5 lefts of his own with a couple landing pretty good. Purinton then gets another left knocking Brashear's helmet back. They both stay in close and exchange a few more shots to the side of each other's helmets before Purinton gets the takedown.
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Eric Boulton vs. Donald Brashear
1 Pd 0:11
PHI @BUF Eric Boulton
This one didn't take long, about 11 seconds into the game. Right off the faceoff. Short square-off, Brash grabs on and Boulton throws a right to the side of the head. Some hugging, Brash's helmet falls off. Boulton gets the right free and throws a few more, nothing damaging. Brash eventually pulls Boulton's helmet off and tries a few, they land on the top of the head. It opens up a bit, Brash landing a few hard lefts, and Boulton trying to respond with one. Boulton falls, possible TKO/KD for Brash. Boulton comes out of it with a red mark on the right side of his nose.