Turner Stevenson

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: May 18, 1972
From: Prince George, BC Canada
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 226 lbs.
NHL Fights: 13
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Turner Stevenson vs. Jamie Allison
2 Pd 4:6
@NJD CBJ Jamie Allison
They drop the gloves and Allison gets going first, landing one. Stevenson comes back and lands a couple of his own, one of which knocks Allison's helmet off. They grapple a bit and Stevenson lands/grazes a couple noogies before it ends.
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Chris Tamer vs. Turner Stevenson
1 Pd 7:31
NJD @ATL Chris Tamer
Good spirited bout. Stevenson was throwing many wild rights. Hard to tell how many landed, but Tamer was really outclassed here.
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Jeff Cowan vs. Turner Stevenson
1 Pd 13:40
NJD @ATL Jeff Cowan
Awesome toe-to-toe. Stevenson has his head up throwing lefts over the top, while Cowan counters with lefts of his own. Stevenson then knocks him down with a good shot, but to Cowan's credit he gets back up and continues to battle until the linesmen jump in.
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Eric Boulton vs. Turner Stevenson
1 Pd 13:7
NJD @BUF Eric Boulton
Stevenson drops them first, they dance around. Boulton throws two punches that brush Stevenson's back, Stevenson lands nothing and goes down.
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Turner Stevenson vs. Kevin Sawyer
1 Pd 13:36
@NJD ANA Kevin Sawyer
Stevenson is firing, misses a shot and falls. That's it.
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Turner Stevenson vs. Andre Roy
2 Pd 18:57
@NJD TBL Andre Roy
Other Penalties: Roy received a cross checking; Stevenson a cross checking, instigator and misonconduct.
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Turner Stevenson vs. Alex Henry
2 Pd 13:59
@NJD WAS Alex Henry
The two jockey for position in front of the Caps net and Henry asks Stevenson to dance and the gloves come off with a lot of hugging going on. Henry gets his right arm out of his jersey and Stevenson falls on him and the linesmen jump in. Majors?
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Chris Dingman vs. Turner Stevenson
2 Pd 3:41
NJD @TBL Chris Dingman
Stevenson landed a huge right, and Dingman came forward slightly and fell down. He was back up in a split second, but the linesmen jumped in. Dingman then put his hand on his nose, and looked at his fingers, as if he thought he might be bleeding.
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Bryan Marchment vs. Turner Stevenson
2 Pd 16:56
NJD @SJS Bryan Marchment
It happens quickly away from the play, sort of a mutual thing. The gloves come off fast and Marchment goes with the lefts, Stevenson with the rights. Both guys try with several of each and Stevenson goes down with Mush on top. Marchment looked to be doing better and he may have landed something, where as Turner didn't get anything in.
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Chris McAllister vs. Turner Stevenson
1 Pd 10:57
NJD @COL Chris McAllister
Mac and Stevenson go at it behind the net. The camera was a little late getting there, but when it does they're both swinging wildly. Each guy seems to get in a couple decent punches, then Mac muscles Stevenson down and it's over.
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Brad Brown vs. Turner Stevenson
2 Pd 17:52
NJD @MIN Brad Brown
Stevenson hits Willie Mitchell hard into the boards and slashes him trying to get a reaction out of Willie. Then Brown comes right over and pushes Turner and it's on. Brown starts out getting a few week shots in and then they grapple for position. Stevenson gets his right free and throws a couple of big shots that don't connect. Brown slips to the ice, but gets up again and they wrestle for the rest of the fight and Brown gets the take down.
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Turner Stevenson vs. Dale Purinton
2 Pd 17:33
@NJD NYR Dale Purinton
Earlier in the period Stevenson drops the gloves with Purinton, who just turns away. Stevenson gets 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike and looks disgusted that Purinton wouldn't go. Later, they both drop the gloves, but the camera got there very late. Purinton was trying to get his hand free from his jersey, threw a few wild punches that didn't seem to land, and then Purinton falls on top of Stevenson.
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Garnet Exelby vs. Turner Stevenson
2 Pd 20:0
NJD @ATL Garnet Exelby
Stevenson and Odgers hook each other going after the puck, and Stevenson knocks it toward center ice to Rheaume, who is nailed by the freight train Exelby. Turner immediately pursues Exelby and they mutually drop the gloves. Nice squareoff, shedding the elbows and Turner adjusts his helmet ready to fire. They grab on and Exelby lands a couple of short rights, and then they grapple. Turner then misses with a left, then lands one nicely, cutting Exelby on the bridge of his nose. Exelby then is getting ready to fire, but loses his balance and they both fall. This fight was mostly a grapple match and it lasted about 15 seconds, decent fight for what it was.