Turner Stevenson

2005-2006 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: May 18, 1972
From: Prince George, BC Canada
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 226 lbs.
NHL Fights: 3
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Eric Cairns vs. Turner Stevenson
2 Pd 2:0
PHI @PIT Eric Cairns
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (80%) - Voted rating: 2.7
Behind the play, they drop the gloves and square off. Cairns grabs on and throws two rights that miss before connecting with a couple of jersey-jabs. Stevenson throws a right to the side of Cairns' helmet as Cairns returns fire with a right of his own. Stevenson fights to keep his balance before he falls to the ice. Cairns lands another right while Stevenson is going down.
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Turner Stevenson vs. Jason Strudwick
2 Pd 17:56
@PHI NYR Jason Strudwick
Voted winner:  Jason Strudwick   (41.4%) - Voted rating: 3.3
Minutes earlier Stevenson missed a hit on Petr Prucha, but still clipped his knee, forcing him to leave the game. It doesn't take Strudwick very long to find Stevenson and drop the gloves. They grapple quickly and Strudwick tries a couple of quick rights that come up short. Stevenson attempts an overhand right that doesn't connect. Strudwick throw his own right that misses. Stevenson goes back to the overhand right that Strudwick avoids. The momentum of Stevenson's miss sends him to the ice with Strudwick on top.
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Turner Stevenson vs. Nolan Yonkman
1 Pd 9:6
@PHI WAS Nolan Yonkman
Voted winner:  Nolan Yonkman   (97.6%) - Voted rating: 5.7
Behind the play, Stevenson gives Yonkman a little slash, letting him know that he wants to go. Yonkman turns around as they yap a little before dropping the gloves. They tie up and Yonkman lands two quick lefts to the side of Stevenson's helmet to start things off. Stevenson throws an overhand right and almost loses his balance as Yonkman attempts a locked-out right. Stevenson throws another overhand right as Yonkman connects with a right that that sends Stevenson to the ice. Other Penalties: Yonkman received a slashing; Stevenson a roughing.