Darcy Hordichuk

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: LW
Birthday: Aug 10, 1980
From: Kamsack, SK Canada
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 215 lbs.
NHL Fights: 16
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Jesse Boulerice vs. Darcy Hordichuk
1 Pd 12:1
FLA @CAR Jesse Boulerice
After play died Boulerice was looking for Hordichuck who charged on him pretty quickly. After skating toward the center of the Florida zone both threw a couple of nothing rights, then Boulerice got spun around. When Boulerice got up he tried to go southpaw, but Hordi charged him again before Boulerice got set and tied Boulerice in his jersey. After that Hordichuck tried to get in some overhead rights, but either missed or caught helmet while Boulerice fluttered two week rights that missed.
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Chris Simon vs. Darcy Hordichuk
1 Pd 16:34
FLA @NYR Chris Simon
Voted winner:  Chris Simon   (68.2%) - Voted rating: 7.1
Darcy lays a hit on a Ranger and Simon chases him all over ice. Hordi waits a little and they get along boards and then Darcy throws off gloves and starts chucking lefts, landing a couple of decent ones. Simon then answers back with a couple of good lefts. Solid lefts by both guys, they spin and Simon is a little stronger with the control. He lands one or two more lefts late.
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Chris Neil vs. Darcy Hordichuk
1 Pd 2:0
FLA @OTT Chris Neil
The two agree to go right after the faceoff. They drop em, Hordichuk lands two, Neil lands two and misses with a third as Hordichuk spins madly off-balance. Neil then lands one on Hordichuk before the linesman jumps in.
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Darcy Hordichuk vs. Rob Davison
1 Pd 12:20
@FLA SJS Rob Davison
Radio: they both throw punches, Davison first and then Horcichuk. Hordichuk lands two good ones and then Davison goes down.
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Darcy Hordichuk vs. Nathan Perrott
2 Pd 1:24
@FLA TOR Nathan Perrott
They decide it's time to dance and they both grab on trying to get an advantage. Hordi's sweater immediately ends up over his head as his tie-down wasn't tied tight. Perrott starts firing the pistons, landing numerous blows to the top of the hunched over Hordichuk's head. Hordi then gets free of all that and starts swinging back landing a couple of his own and getting the take down. Not much damage done to Perrott even though he was bloody, he got right back up.
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Darcy Hordichuk vs. Jody Shelley
3 Pd 9:25
@FLA CBJ Jody Shelley
They drop the gloves, Shelley quickly loses balance and falls. The refs then break it up. Majors are mysteriously handed out.
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Alexei Semenov vs. Darcy Hordichuk
3 Pd 2:50
FLA @EDM Alexei Semenov
Fight starts behind the play. Hordichuk was firing with lefts, one may have landed. Semenov threw a couple of rights, all missing. Semenov was using his reach to keep Hordi from landing any real blows. Hordi then switches to try to get something going with the right, but nothing happening there either. Semenov may have thrown three or four punches the whole fight while Hordi had 'em going with not many landing.
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Darcy Hordichuk vs. Chris Dingman
2 Pd 2:57
@FLA TBL Chris Dingman
Hordi starts off by landing a short right and misses with another. Dingman throws one that misses. Hordichuk throws another one and takes Dingman down along the boards. Dingman seemed very disinterested in throwing any punches.
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Darcy Hordichuk vs. Peter Worrell
1 Pd 7:58
@FLA COL Peter Worrell
Voted winner:  Darcy Hordichuk   (97.7%) - Voted rating: 7
Worrell runs a Panther and Hordi goes straight after him. Hordi is skating backwards facing Worrell as Worrell just stands there and smiles at Hordi. Finally Hordi just shakes his gloves and throws a right that connects. Worrell drops his gloves and grabs on. Worrell is trying to keep him at arms-length as they each throw a couple of rights that didn't connect. Hordi threw two lefts underneath of Worrell's extended arm that looked to connect. Worrell pulls Hordi's jersey over his head and snaps the tie-down. Hordi then loses his shoulder pads and pops Worrell with a right to the side of the head that stunned him and knocked him down.
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Darcy Hordichuk vs. Darcy Verot
2 Pd 12:41
@FLA WAS Darcy Verot
Voted winner:  Darcy Hordichuk   (100%) - Voted rating: 7.2
Verot shoulders Hordichuk in front of the Panthers' bench and the drops them instantly. Verot lands a right to the side of Hordi's head, then misses or grazes another. Hordichuk throws a right to a ducking Verot's shoulder. They throw rights at the same time. Verot's grazing and Hordi's landing and knocking Verot to his knees. Hordi throws a right, then a body shot to Verot, who's trying to regain his balance. Hordi throws a downward right that misses. Verot gets up and gets tagged with another right, while his right just misses Hordichuk. Verot ducks and turns from the punch and Hordi catches Verot's shoulder with a right. They both throw rights that get caught up in each other's punches. They throw three rights in stereo with only Hordi's last seeming to put an off-balance Verot back to his knee. Other Penalties: Verot received a charging.
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Doug Doull vs. Darcy Hordichuk
2 Pd 14:30
FLA @BOS Doug Doull
Voted winner:  Doug Doull   (45.5%) - Voted rating: 8.5
Doull wants this one after a faceoff in Florida's zone and Hordi obliges. They start quick, Doull with the left and Hordi with the right. Doull than switches to the right and they trade bombs for at least five seconds toe to toe. Doull may have outlanded him and looked to land his more flush. Hordi switched up nicely at the end landing a good right before pulling Doull down.
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Ryan VandenBussche vs. Darcy Hordichuk
1 Pd 4:38
FLA @CHI Ryan VandenBussche
Voted winner:  Ryan VandenBussche   (48.6%) - Voted rating: 8.5
They meet up near the Hawks' bench, drop the gloves and away they go. For a good 12 seconds they go toe to toe exactly the way you'd think these two would. Vandy sticks with the left the whole time, while Hordi start with the right, mixes in a few lefts, goes back to the right, and switches back and forth again. Many punches from both sides landing. They finally tire a bit, get in-close and the linesmen come in. Hordi skates away with a nick on his nose, and Vandy's got multiple small cuts on his face. Excellent bout.
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Darcy Hordichuk vs. Andre Roy
2 Pd 2:24
@FLA TBL Andre Roy
Voted winner:  Andre Roy   (42.9%) - Voted rating: 6.4
These two line up next to each other and off the faceoff they drop the mitts. Roy starts off with a few rights, then Hordichuck answers back and Roy loses his balance. Roy gets up and throws a couple more rights, but Hordichuck quickly responds with some of his own. Roy falls again, and the linesmen come in to try and break it up, but Hordichuck throws a shot while Roy was down and Roy starts firing away while on his back. Both guys mimic each other by dusting off their hands on the way to the penalty box.
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Nathan Perrott vs. Darcy Hordichuk
1 Pd 5:25
FLA @TOR Nathan Perrott
Voted winner:  Nathan Perrott   (40.5%) - Voted rating: 5.9
Hordichuk goes to his opposite wing so you knew this was gonna happen. Seemed Perrott knew it was coming and he got the jump and landed two quick punches right at the glove drop. They start throwing, Hordi with the rights, Perrott with the lefts. Each are swinging a bit wild, and Perrott is off-balance for the most part. Hordichuk's able to push-n-tug Perrott down and throw a few more rights as the linesmen come in.
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Bryan Marchment vs. Darcy Hordichuk
1 Pd 15:20
FLA @TOR Bryan Marchment
Voted winner:  Darcy Hordichuk   (71.4%) - Voted rating: 5.3
Hordi punches Antropov in the face so Marchment comes in. He gives Hordichuk a light shot in the face to convince him to throw down. Darcy goes with it and they both throw wildly. They're in a spin and Hordi is able to get an off-balance Marchment to go down and throws a shot or two at him while he's going down. Other Penalties: Marchment received an unsportsmanlike conduct; Mikael Samuelsson a hooking.
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Jesse Boulerice vs. Darcy Hordichuk
3 Pd 8:53
FLA @CAR Jesse Boulerice
They square off and it looked like Boulerice got a good right in. No damage done to Hordi and both start throwing wild haymakers and Hordi loses his jersey. Both miss with tons of bombs and Hordi gets the takedown.