Matt Bradley

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Jun 13, 1978
From: Stittsville, ON Canada
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 lbs.
NHL Fights: 11
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Jason Wiemer vs. Matt Bradley
2 Pd 15:13
PIT @NYI Jason Wiemer
They come out of a scrum, drop the gloves and Wiemer throws a quick right. Bradley then throws right after right, but it didn't look like any of them were landing. However, the non-stop punching didn't let Wiemer get anything in. After Wiemer can finally get his arm free and ready to swing, they each exchange a couple of rights before Bradley loses his balance and falls.
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Matt Bradley vs. Shane Hnidy
3 Pd 1:48
@PIT OTT Shane Hnidy
Bradley goes behind Ottawa's net to play the puck. Hnidy comes in and blasts him into the boards. Bradley goes after Hnidy and they drop em. Hnidy landed most of the punches and Bradley got the takedown. Bradley had a bloody lip. Not real sure if it was from a punch or from being driven into the boards.
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Steve Montador vs. Matt Bradley
2 Pd 6:6
PIT @CAL Steve Montador
Voted winner:  Matt Bradley   (90%) - Voted rating: 3.9
They drop them in the Flames zone and Bradley throws about 5 or 6 rights missing badly, then pops Montador with a solid right to the side of the head. He then continues to miss a right, and throws an uppercut while Montador misses a blind left. Montador lands a nothing left to Bradley's throat. Bradley brings an awkard right down on the back of Montador's head. Bradley has Montador's jersey and is pulling Montador down and into him.Bradley misses an uppercut, then a right to the back of Montador's neck. Montador throws two blind lefts that miss and Bradley tosses him on his head.
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Matt Bradley vs. David Ling
3 Pd 7:43
@PIT CBJ David Ling
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Matt Bradley vs. Nolan Pratt
2 Pd 16:5
@PIT TBL Nolan Pratt
They shove along the bench, Pratt challenges Bradley and off come the gloves. They were going toe to toe with both guys firing rights and landing two or three good shots each. Pratt seemed to have landed the best punch that bent Bradley over, but that didn't slow him down much. They continued to throw, but not much landed after that because they were running out of gas from being so active. The linesmen were finaly able to pull them apart.
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Matt Walker vs. Matt Bradley
1 Pd 11:3
PIT @STL Matt Walker
These two were about to go at it, but the linesman broke it up. Both guys got two minutes for roughing. As soon as the penalties end they come out and square off. They got in pretty tight and both guys landed a couple of decent punches, then Bradley got tangled up in his jersey and Walker landed a good one. Bradley got his right free and landed a couple with one good one putting Walker down.
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Sven Butenschon vs. Matt Bradley
2 Pd 13:58
PIT @NYI Sven Butenschon
Voted winner:  Matt Bradley   (85.7%) - Voted rating: 5
It happens behind the play and when the camera gets there Bradley is throwing a couple of rights that don't appear to do much damage. Sven has his right arm all tied up in his jersey the entire fight and he is unable to throw a punch as Bradley has a hold of his left arm with his left. Bradley throws a couple of more rights, a little wildly, that just graze Sven and then they go down with Bradley on top.
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Matt Bradley vs. Jeremy Stevenson
1 Pd 15:49
@PIT NSH Jeremy Stevenson
Camera gets there a little late and Bradley is landing a couple rights on Stevenson, who then tries to get Bradley locked out. Bradley continues throwing rights that are coming up short, and Stevenson throws a few rights that also land. Bradley then falls and pulls Stevenson down and the linesmen come in.
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Matt Bradley vs. Garth Murray
1 Pd 5:18
@PIT NYR Garth Murray
Voted winner:  Matt Bradley   (45.8%) - Voted rating: 5
These two drop em off of a faceoff after a Pens goal. Both throw a couple of rights that miss. Murray comes up short with a right while Bradley hits the neck of Murray with a right. Bradley misses a right as Murray tries to get free. Murray throws a weak right that may have hit Bradley's throat/chin then throws another right as Bradley throws a right that misses or barly grazes Murray's eye, causing him to duck. Bradley then throws two rights over the ducking Murray's head. They grapple and Bradley loses his balance and goes down with Murray on top.
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Adam Mair vs. Matt Bradley
1 Pd 17:58
PIT @BUF Adam Mair
Voted winner:  Adam Mair   (75.6%) - Voted rating: 6.8
These guys drop the gloves in the neutral zone and start to swing away. Mair with lefts, Bradley with rights. Mair lands a few lefts, including a really solid shot and Bradley lands a few big rights. They fall and get back up, and it looks like Mair starts to take over at the end and lands a big left that pops Bradley's helmet off and bends him over. Bradley straightens up and throws a wild right, but Mair ducks it. This sends Bradley off-balance and he goes down.
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Matt Bradley vs. Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre
3 Pd 7:18
@PIT WAS Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre
Voted winner:  Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre   (100%) - Voted rating: 5
JLGP runs Koltsov and Bradley comes in. They start out both throwing rights and both land with JLGP looking to have more steam on them. JLGP throws a couple more rights before he ragdolls Bradley to the ice.