Andre Roy

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Feb 08, 1975
From: Port Chester, NY United States
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 213 lbs.
NHL Fights: 9
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Andre Roy vs. Sandy McCarthy
1 Pd 9:51
@TBL NYR Sandy McCarthy
They drop the gloves really close to the boards and are in close. Roy seems angry and keeps throwing, even though every shot hits the back of McCarthy's helmet. Eventually McCarthy falls becasue he is against the boards and Roy is throwing them one after another. Other Penalties: Roy received a holding, instigator and misconduct.
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Turner Stevenson vs. Andre Roy
2 Pd 18:57
TBL @NJD Turner Stevenson
Other Penalties: Roy received a cross checking; Stevenson a cross checking, instigator and misonconduct.
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Sean O'Donnell vs. Andre Roy
2 Pd 14:46
TBL @BOS Sean O'Donnell
Starts in front of the B's net and it looks like O'Donnell initiates. Roy gets the right going, but seems to come up short on all four punches. O'Donnell has a nice opening and attempts two rights, but his arm is caught up in his jersey. He then turns and Roy throws about four more rights to the back of O'Donnell's helmet.
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Jason Doig vs. Andre Roy
3 Pd 5:13
TBL @WAS Jason Doig
Starts around the Lightning blueline when Roy asks Doig to go, and Doig accepts. Gloves come off and some grappling at first. Doig throws 2-3 rights, one of them looks to land clean. Then Roy throws some to the back of Doig's head and they both fall over.
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Andre Roy vs. Jim McKenzie
2 Pd 3:44
@TBL NJD Jim McKenzie
McKenzie wanted to throw, but Roy didn't and he just held. Big Mac looked to land a few weak punches.
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Eric Godard vs. Andre Roy
2 Pd 4:2
TBL @NYI Eric Godard
Voted winner:  Eric Godard   (84.6%) - Voted rating: 7.4
Nice long squareoff near the benches. They finally get a hold of each other and start throwing some good punches. Godard starts to land a few more and has Roy bent sideways and lands a couple. Roy answers and Godard throws a left and Roy answers with his own again as the linesmen come in. Good, very energetic fight. After the linesmen stepped in Roy throws a punch at Godard and then pushes away one of the linseman, he gets tossed. Other Penalties: Roy received a game misconduct.
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Mike Komisarek vs. Andre Roy
2 Pd 12:16
TBL @MON Mike Komisarek
Roy threw a lot more than Komisarek. Nothing really seemed to land or do any damage and then Komisarek got the take down. Fairly high-energy tilt without any damage done.
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Kelly Buchberger vs. Andre Roy
3 Pd 2:39
TBL @ARI Kelly Buchberger
Pellerin gets a penalty, and while the play is dead Buchy bumps into Roy. They both look at each other and drop their gloves. They grapple at first against the boards until Roy gets free. He throws several punches, a few looked to land cleanly. He gets Buchy off-balance, pinned against the boards. It looks like the fight is about over until Buchy regains his balance and spins around throwing a nice left that lands. Roy also threw a right and they fall off-balance. On the way down Buchy throws a wild left which didn't look like it landed. Other Penalties: Scott Pellerin received a tripping.
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Andre Roy vs. Jim McKenzie
2 Pd 16:48
@TBL NJD Jim McKenzie
They drop the gloves and quickly grab on and throw some rights. Each man actually comes up short in his effort as the other guy is holding him at the elbows and neither has the reach (or loose jersey) advantage to get one through. They loosen up just a bit and get in a couple of shots, no one damaging or stinging the other one. They've been skating about during this moving from mid-ice towards the boards. They get towards a wall while grappling and Roy falls, McKenzie doesn't throw, linesmen come in.