Jody Shelley

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: LW
Birthday: Feb 07, 1976
From: Thompson, MB Canada
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 228 lbs.
NHL Fights: 28
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Jody Shelley vs. Georges Laraque
1 Pd 4:5
@CBJ EDM Georges Laraque
Other Penalties: Laraque received an instigator and misconduct.
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Jody Shelley vs. Jim McKenzie
2 Pd 11:55
@CBJ NJD Jim McKenzie
Mac starts off with a right that appears to land on Shelley's face. Both guys throw rights and Mac definitely lands a bomb to the face while Shelley comes up a bit short. Shelley follows with a right that doesn't do much while Mac attempts an uppercut that ends up in Shelley's armpit. A right from Shelley catches the back of McKenzie and both guys fire rights that hit nothing. Jostling for position now. Shelley gets loose with another right that means nothing. More hugging. Mac comes up and bounces a right off the back off Shelley's helmet and again off the right side of his helmet. Another right lands on the front of Shelley's helmet and may have got some face. Shelley's game, but he just can't get loose. In close - Both throw rights: Shelley comes up short again, Mac lands to the chest. Shelley is still tied up. Mac's not, and he lands another right to the side of the helmet. Again Shelley tries, but he's in a spiderweb. Mac lands an uppercut to the torso. Shelley finally gets a right loose but only hits shoulder. He follows with a nothing right uppercut. So does Mac. Mac comes under again and just misses Shelley's chin then he comes way over the top and misses. Shelley takes this opportunity and lands his best shot yet, a right to the side of Jim's head. Getting tired it looks like. Shelley's bent over. In come the linesmen. Shelley's a bit bloody.
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Scott Parker vs. Jody Shelley
1 Pd 2:38
CBJ @COL Scott Parker
Looong fair square off with Parker in his boxing stance. Parker grabs and it is on! Parker starts with a heavy right, but Shelley is falling backward and it misses. Shelley comes back with a right of his own and it's way off. Parker lands a weak right to the body. Both guys are free. Shelley goes with another right but it isn't close. Parker misses with another right. Shelley lands a right to the front of Parker's helmet and Parker responds with a nothing right. Rights are thrown in stereo; Shelley misses, Parker doesn't, it's flush to the head. Shelley comes back and lands a weak right to the side of Parker's helmet/face. It's back and forth as Parker misses another right. Shelley is just short on a right and so is the Sheriff. Repeat last sentence. Shelley is still firing and lands a solid one to Parker's face. Shelley's jersey is coming over his head just as Parker lands a right to the head. It doesn't matter though because Shelley is still throwin 'em and just misses another right. Parker tries an uppercut, but nobody's home. Shelley could be in trouble with that jersey over his face. Both throw rights that miss. Parker lands a hard right to the back of Shelley's head, but is then clocked by a heavy duty right! Parker's head reeled from that one. Parker is momentarily stunned and misses badly with a right. A Parker uppercut finds nothing, but a follow-up right finds Shelley's head which is still covered by the jersey. The linesmen see that Shelley could be in trouble now. As Parker switches to the left, the linemen are in and it is over.
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Jody Shelley vs. John Erskine
1 Pd 3:1
@CBJ DAL John Erskine
Shelley gets off a right to start the fight, then Erskine keeps his back bent over while holding Shelley's right. Shelly has Erskine's jersey so they are in pretty tight. Various swings with nothing landing, then Shelly avoids the stalemate and takes a chance by letting go. Both start swinging and they each get in a couple of shots before Erskine gets the takedown.
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Reed Low vs. Jody Shelley
1 Pd 5:24
CBJ @STL Reed Low
The camera gets in as Low is delivering a right which comes up short and follows with another right which misses. After a moment of grappling Low attempts a right uppercut and nothing's happening. Shelley fires a right which hits Low in the back. Low is cocked and ready. Shelley fires a wild right which grazes Reed's face and stuns him a bit. Shelley releases another right hitting Low in the helmet just above the face. Two more weak rights miss. Shelley gets bent over and Reed fires a left over his back and misses and then a left uppercut that ain't happening. Jody comes back with a right to the neck that lands solidly as a Low left misses. Jody lands another right that snaps Low's head sideways and follows with an errant right over the head. Reed gets a bit off balance and causes Shelley to miss with a right then Reed goes for the hug. In tight now, Shelley unloads a heavy right that appears to fall just short. Rights by both men miss badly. Low's hair looks wild coming out of his helmet! Jody grazes his helmet with another right. More grabbing. Shelley catches Reed with an inadvertant forearm to the face. 34 is losing this one folks. I swear Reed looks like a stand in for some Mad Max film with that hair. Jody looks to land a short left to the face while in close. Reed is trying to get the helmet off and finally does. Oooh, and then he corks a right off the back off Shelley's head. Jody comes back with a strong left to the face! That straightened his hair out! Tiring a bit. Low lands a right to the side of the head. Twisting around. Low lands another right to the head and has a bloody knuckle now. Owww, Low just landed a doozy right to the head again. Shelley is losing momentum. He slips to the ice and the zebras rush in. Low lands a right to the back as Shelley is down on a knee and the refs are in. Credit Low for making a solid comeback.
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Bob Probert vs. Jody Shelley
2 Pd 8:18
CBJ @CHI Bob Probert
Voted winner:  Jody Shelley   (76.9%) - Voted rating: 6.7
Second fight of the game between these two. Camera gets there as both guys are locked out but Shelley has the right cocked. Shelley unloads but comes up short. Grabbing and tugging. Along the boards. Probert lets go with a right that may or may not have connected. Bad camera angle. Shelley shows no damage though. Shelley lands a solid right to Bob's ear. He then tries an uppercut which hits nothing. Another uppercut fails. Probert's right is locked out so he throws a left which Shelley turns away from. He then returns a right which catches Probert's helmet. And again, another right to the back of the helmet. And another. In tight now. Probert lands a short right to the jaw. Both helmets come off. Shelley throws another right but misses this time. A Probert left misses. Probert gets bent over a bit. Shelley fires a right over his head, comes back with another right and it misses too. Probert lands a glancing blow to Shelley's face and another to his shoulder. Shelley lands a right to Bob's face as he is coming in. Ouch! That stopped Probert's right in mid swing. I belive that opened his eye up. Probert comes back with a right but it doesn't connect. Both guys are locked out again. Lots of pulling. Bob wants to fire a right but he's tied up. Shelley is hanging on. Another Probert right just can't get going. The refs come in now. Probert's left eye is bloody. Shelley has a trickle of blood coming from his right eye. Nice active fight. Probert was wanting to get loose badly.
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Bob Probert vs. Jody Shelley
1 Pd 2:11
CBJ @CHI Bob Probert
Voted winner:  Jody Shelley   (40%) - Voted rating: 4.1
They drop'em off the face off and each go for the grab. Shelley fires a right that appears to connect and avoids a Probert right. Shelley returns another right that misses. They're going back and forth with the rights: Probert misses, Shelley comes up short on three in a row. Shelley gets his arm wrapped around the King's head and pulls both guys down. Here come the men in stripes and it is over. Short fight.
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Bob Probert vs. Jody Shelley
3 Pd 11:34
CBJ @CHI Bob Probert
Voted winner:  Jody Shelley   (30%) - Voted rating: 5.1
Three fights will get these guys an early exit, but I don't think they care. Here we go! Off the faceoff both guys square off fairly. Probert starts with a left that is off target. Both men grab on. Shelley lands a glancing right off the top of Probert's helmet. Bob pushes him into the boards off balance. Shelley recovers and avoids a Probert right. Somehow Jody misses a point blank right. Probert lands a left to the face and misses another as Shelley appears to land a right to Porbert's already bloodied eye. Again Probert misses a left and Shelley again appears to land a right to the face. They're throwin 'em. Shelley misses a wild right, Probie misses another left. Another haymaker right from Shelley goes over Probert's head. Both guys have grabbed on and are in real close pulling and tugging. Down they go with Probert on top. As the refs come in and the fight is over Shelley fires a right from the ice and pops Bob in the nose. Kinda cheap. Lots of activity here. Other Penalties: Both players received game misconducts.
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Jody Shelley vs. Bob Probert
2 Pd 11:33
@CBJ CHI Bob Probert
Good fair square off. Probie is sporting a major shiner on his left eye from the other night. Shelley back peddles during the square off as Probert closes in. Cat and mouse. Oooh-yeah! Probert lands a solid left to the ear as a Shelley left misses. No apparent damage now. Back to a square off. Bob grabs on with the right and swings a wild left that misses. This leaves Shelley open and he answers with a good looking right to Probert's head which rattles his helmet off. Into the clinch. Shelley misses with one short right and connects to the back of Probert's head with a follow up. Two more weak rights miss behind the head. They're in real close and Shelley fires off three more short rights; the first two hit the back of the head the third misses. More grabbing. Probert glances a right off the back of Shelley's helmet. They are in real tight and Jody lands another short right to the back of the Probert's head. Again Shelley lets loose three rights; the first two land to the back of the head and the third misses. Three more short rights glance off or miss Probert. They're out of the grab now. Shelley comes up short on a heavy right. Now Shelley tries a right uppercut but it ain't close. Jody gets bent over and Probert tries a left which misses. Another Shelley right goes way off course and he loses his helmet. Probert misses a weak looking left and evades a Shelley haymaker. Probert comes again with a left that hits Shelley in the shoulder and he lands a weak right immediately afterwards. Hugging again. Probert glances a left off of the right side of Shelley's head while he absorbs two rights to the back. Shelley appears to land a good right to the side of the face. Pushing and pulling; off balance and they both go down. There is nothing left to prove here. Shelley has handled himself well in all four fights and Probert is going out with a bang.
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Steve McKenna vs. Jody Shelley
1 Pd 13:20
CBJ @NYR Steve McKenna
It's obvious these two are gonna go on the face off. The puck is dropped and off go the gloves. McKenna gets the jump with a right that misses. Both guys grab on with their left and keep the right free. McKenna pulls Shelley in with his left and fires a right over his helmet. Shelley returns a nothing right. Another McKenna right misses and throws Jody off balance. This is followed by another McKenna right which crunches solidly into Shelley's helmet. Shelley answers with a right that misses as McKenna is trying to get that helmet off. Bad for the knuckles! Off comes the helmet. Shelley is bent over and gets a heavy duty right to the back of the noggin. As Shelley misses a weak right he receives a viscious right to the jaw! Punches like that have dropped people before. Shelley gets off another right immediately but it is way off. The next one isn't and crashes into McKenna's helmet. Both guys are locked out now. McKenna lets go with another right and lands it solidly to the back of Shelley's head. Steve has a bloodied knuckle. Shelley throws a wild right that is just short. Both guys are bent way out of position now and tumble to the ice. Here come the linesmen and it is over. Good fight.
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Jody Shelley vs. Sandy McCarthy
2 Pd 13:30
@CBJ NYR Sandy McCarthy
Voted winner:  Sandy McCarthy   (95.2%) - Voted rating: 6.8
This is Shelley's sixth fight in four games. Off the faceoff, looong square off as both guys are cocked and loaded. They're circling. Sandy feints in then out. More stalking. War and Peace VOL 2 has been inked during the square off... Sandy is getting antsy and finally dives in. Hugging in close. Pulling, tugging. McCarthy appears to land a short right to Shelley's helmet. Shelley thinks about a right but can't get it going. Repeat last sentence. And again; he's locked out. Mac comes up short with a right. Shelley fires two rights missing on the first but the second slams heavily into McCarthy's helmet. A McCarthy right at the same time just misses. McCarthy lands a right to Shelley's jaw! Shelley is stunned and drifting out of position. Another McCarthy right lands to Jody's back. Sandy smells blood and fires off three left almost-uppercuts. Hard to tell about the first due to camera angle but the second one is on target and the third misses. Shelley's in trouble. A Mac right has nothing on it. They clinch. McCarthy gets off three successive short right all to Shelley's head. Jody is all tied up and eats another McCarthy right. Sandy continues to hit and miss short rights. Shelley's right is paralyzed. Sandy lands a forearm to the head. A McCarthy right lands to the face, another misses, he misses with an uppercut and a jab. Shelley gets off a right that misses. Sandy brushes one across Shelley's nose. Both men land rights in stereo then miss at the same time. McCarthy rocks him with a straight right to the face! They're both latched on and locked out at arms length now. Here come the linesmen. It's all over. Jody is slightly bloodied.
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Jody Shelley vs. Sami Helenius
1 Pd 5:46
@CBJ DAL Sami Helenius
Camera get in as the two are clutching and grabbing. Helenius is holding Jody off with the left while Shelley has a left hand full of collar. Jody's right is free. Shelly is feeding Helenius pieces of his left knuckle by pushing his fist into his face while holding his left collar. Annoying no doubt. Oooh, he actually made that short left count as Helenius' head snaps back. There's another one to the jaw. Jody gives him three more of the really short lefts. No damage done but they are making contact. Sami pushes him away as he's getting aggravated with it all. Funny thing, now Helenius has a left full of collar and is feeding Shelley some of the three inch piston shots. He pushes about three of'em into Shelley's jaw. Shelley ain't having it and lands a long right to the jaw. This removes Helenius' helmet who returns a right but it's hard to call due to the camera angle. Another right from the Finn rocks the back of Shelley's helmet. Jody is game and returns a right that falls way short. Locked out a bit now and Helenius fires another hand-full-of-collar left to Shelley's jaw. Shelley let's go with a big right that appears to graze Helenius' face which is sporting a little blood from the nose. Shelley is bent over and locked out. Helenius throws a nothing right and then misses with a left. Now Shelley throws a few hand-full-of-collar lefts. Blah, blah, blah... Ouch! As Shelley straightens up he is met by an incoming left to the eye. That hurt. Luckily he gets bent over again which causes a second left to miss. Jody straightens up with a purpose and fires a right which grazes Helenius' face. Another right grazes as well and a third doesn't quite make it. Helenius lands a right to the helmet and then both guys miss rights. Ding Dong! Heavy duty rights in stereo and it is on! Another Shelley right drills the right side of Helenius' face while Sami's right goes off course. Another Shelley right lands to the jaw as he evades a Helenius right. It's non stop as Shelley connects to the forehead this time while taking one on the top of his helmet. Write it down, Helenius came up on the short end of that barage and his bell is ringing. He buries his head in Shelley's chest and is wondering where the linesmen are. Shelley lands nine noogie shots while in tight. They're in real close and the linesmen are circling. Helenius is facing his opponent now and gives Shelley a short left semi-uppercut that lands to the jaw. Well Helenius' helmet has popped back on and off goes Jody's! Weird. They're still in close and Shelley ends up behind Helenius and fires a heavy right into the back of his helmet. Off balance now and down they go. Some blood on the ice and Shelley's jersey. The zebras hop in but these two are finished. Helenius may have a cut near the right eye too.
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Jody Shelley vs. Andrei Nazarov
1 Pd 3:33
@CBJ ARI Andrei Nazarov
This one gets going just moments after Nazarov scores his first goal of the season. No Chris Simon syndrome for Naz! Anyway, it's a fair square off. Man the look on Jody Shelley's face during all of his fights is classic; he's all business. Jody leans in to go for the grab and is met by a stiff left to the face. That one surprised him as he lowers his head. Nazarov grabs on and tosses a quick right which skips off of Shelley's helmet. Shelley returns a right which is too short. Another right from Shelley may have got a little bit of Naz's ear but no damage done. A short right from Nazarov barely misses Shelley's chin. A right from Jody misses and then he grabs a handful of collar with his left and jams it into Naz's face. Another right by Shelley misses as Andrei is bent over and out of reach. He straightens up and fires a right which ain't long enough. A Shelley right is deflected by Nazarov's arm. Repeat last sentence. Shelley has spun himself behind Nazarov now and lands an overhand right to the back of his helmet. A second right lands to the back just before Nazarov get turned around. In close now. Shelley's helmet comes toppling off. A short Nazarov right doesn't get going. Shelley returns a right which pushes across Naz's face. Shelley gets bent over a little and Naz nds up with him in a semi-headlock. Shelley lands a right to the stomach area. Nazarov is pulling and tugging for all he's worth. Shelley is still bent over and evades a left from Nazarov. Shelley comes up with a wild right and sorta clotheslines Naz around the side of the neck. From here they go into a hug and down they go. Shelley will be penalized 15 yards for the clothesline. No words after the fight.
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Jody Shelley vs. Andre Roy
2 Pd 3:1
@CBJ OTT Andre Roy
Fair square off sees both men with rights cocked and loaded. Circling. Roy feints in and backs out. Shelley hand gestures "come on in". Roy dives in and grabs on. Shelley tosses a right that connects. Roy just ducks another Shelley right. Roy comes up and grabs on again. In tight. Pushing. Along the boards in front of the Ottawa bench now. Roy misses with a lazy right. Shelley ducks a follow up right. A third right catches Jody's helmet. Shelley gets bent over a bit and a fourth right from Roy is hidden from the camera. Shelley straightens up and lands a right to the side of Roy's face. Roy returns a right of his own which is too short. Shelley lands a right to the back of Roy's helmet but no damage there. A haymaker right from Shelley just misses. A right from Roy is deflected by Shelley's arm. A Shelley right is way off course as Roy had a hold of his sleeve. Roy fires a right which does nothing and another which lands on Jody's shoulder. Shelley can't break Roy's grip on his sleeve so he can't get the right going. Tugging. Shelley is still tied up. He's wanting to goe toe to toe, but Roy is apprehensive. Shelley is able to come over the top with a heavy right and bounces it off of the top of Andre's helmet. Another wild clothesline-like punch around Roy's neck sends both men off balance and down they go. In come the zebras and it's off to the sin bin. Nothing solid landed. Decent fight due to Shelley's aggressiveness.
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Jody Shelley vs. Nathan Perrott
1 Pd 6:19
@CBJ NSH Nathan Perrott
Two rookies going here. One established the other in his first NHL game. The camera gets in as they are tied up, but Shelley has his right hand loose. Perrott drags Jody's helmet off then catches Jody with a left forearm to the forehead. Both guys throw punches; Shelley with the right, Perrott with a left. Shelley connects to the shoulder and once again Perrott just misses. Perrott then lands three consecutive lefts to the head. A fouth misses. The camera angle is terrible as both guys do the right/left thing simultaneously again. Both go off balance. Perrott skips a right off the back of Shelley's head. Jody fires a right which just misses Perrott's nose. Once again, due to the camera angle, it's hard to tell about the punches but Perrott fires off three lefts. Two appeared to land to the face. Shelley also got in a right that may have landed. In close now. Shelley comes up and Perrott misses with a wild left. Jody is off balance and avoids another left and then another. They're really out of position now and Shelley is nearly in a headlock behind Perrott. Spinning. Perrott tries a right but he's locked out. A Shelley right is blocked by Perrott. Perrot throws two lefts which miss badly and a third weak left is lost by the camera. They're tied up again and Perrott lands a right uppercut to the stomach twice. Two more rights land to the ribs. Hugging and grabbing. In close Perrott tries a short right which ain't doing nothing. A shorter left grazes Shelley's jaw. Boy they're really holding on. Looks like a high school slow dance. Perrott tries a right uppercut but it gets lost in Shelley's jersey. Still in close. They bend each other over then straighten up. Jody lands a right uppercut to the stomach. Guess that was payback. Shelley is bleeding from a big gash across the nose. Perrott comes over the top with a forearm to the ear. Then lands a knuckle sandwich to the back of the head. Shelley comes around with a right which is deflected by Perrott's arm. Still in tight. Another right attempt from Jody comes up short. Looks like Perrott is gassed as he just won't open up. Jody drops a right into Perrott's ribs. And again. Well the zebras decide to come in as nothing is happening.
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Jody Shelley vs. Sylvain Blouin
1 Pd 17:52
@CBJ MIN Sylvain Blouin
Blouin seemed to take the early advantage, maybe too early. It almost looked like Shelley wasn't going to go. Blouin landed 2 or 3, then Shelley throws a couple. Blouin landed one of his early shots, both jockey for position, discard elbow pads and Blouin starts throwing again, landing a couple more. Shelley throws a couple more that do nothing. Shelley's face look pretty beat up, not sure if it was from an earlier fight or this one, but both basically hugged after a few volleys. They yapped at each other after the refs moved in. Other Penalties: Blouin received an instigator and misconduct.
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Jody Shelley vs. Kelly Buchberger
3 Pd 17:28
@CBJ LAK Kelly Buchberger
Shelley's a bit upset being down about 5-1 and he takes a swing at Boucher behind the net. Buchberger steps in and has words for Shelley who ain't in to walking away. They joust a moment and drop the gloves. As Buchberger grabs on Shelley throws a stiff right uppercut that catches Kelly flush on the nose and drops him! Not a KO as Buchberger regains his feet when the refs step in, but a definite TKO.
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Jody Shelley vs. Ryan Flinn
2 Pd 4:5
@CBJ LAK Ryan Flinn
Fair square off. Shelley moves in for the grab and misses but Flinn grabs on anyhow. Flinn lets loose with a right, but it comes up short. Shelley gets a left handful of collar and pushes it into Flinn's mug. Flinn responds with an overhand right to Jody's helmet. Shelley comes back with a right that falls short. It's Flinn's turn again and his right grazes Shelley's helmet. Shelley throws a wild right that barely misses Flinn's face while Flinn does the same. Flinn gives Jody the ol' fist-full-of-collar-facewash then misses with a right. They throw rights in stereo, but due to the camera angle it's hard to tell if they connected. This is when Flinn's jersey comes up over his head. Flinn is throwing blindly and either missing or grazing Shelley. Shelley tosses a right that seems to land. Both men land rights. Once again they throw simultaneous rights; Flinn misses and Shelley connects. Shelley fires a straight right that misses somehow. Flinn knows he's in trouble now and is bending over defensively. Jody throws a wild right uppercut that connects somewhere snapping Flinn almost upright. The linesmen are wanting to break this one up and Shelley lands a right to Flinn's back. Now the zebras are in and it is all over. Flinn has a cut near the left eyebrow. That uppercut near the end by Shelley was impressive.
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Jody Shelley vs. Krzysztof Oliwa
1 Pd 2:54
@CBJ PIT Krzysztof Oliwa
First shift on the ice for Shelley, Oliwa comes in off the bench and they decide to dance. Throw off the gloves, come together at center ice, Shelley moves in - bam! - catches Oliwa with a left to the face that snapped the neck, then grabs a fistful of jersey with the left hand under the chin and throws a few uppercuts with the shirt. Oliwa gets the grip with the left also, they both start swinging in stereo trying to land haymaker rights. Doesn't look like much is landing, Shelley bounces a few glancing blows off the helmet, maybe catching some face, Oliwa bounces a few off the helmet also, starts to lose his balance, Shelley tosses him to the ice. Fight is over pretty quickly.
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Ken Belanger vs. Jody Shelley
2 Pd 5:18
CBJ @LAK Ken Belanger
No "real" recap - Sounds like it was a quick scrap, both players fall to the ice quickly, Darrell Evans, the Kings radio color man had it to Shelley, Belanger dripping some red. These two had had words in the first period as well.
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Scott Parker vs. Jody Shelley
2 Pd 4:48
CBJ @COL Scott Parker
Second period comes, first shift on the ice for each, they drop the gloves when the puck drops, start circling, Parker saying to Jody, come on, come on!, Jody's all business, so he does - dives in, grabs the shirt collar with the left hand, swings with the right that finds air. Parker responds with a right that doesn't happen, a soft right to the shoulder. Jody tosses a solid right to the ear OUCH! - then they lock out. Parker tries a right uppercut that may have hit some jersey. Jody throws a soft right to the back of the head, then throws a slap to the face, then glances one off the helmet. Parker is pushing back with his left hand grip and glances a right off the helmet. Now he's free, both hands off Shelley, so Shelley moves in tight and they reconnect. He throws an airball with a haymaker right and then, in what is becoming a patented move, Shelley snaps a left uppercut off Parker's chin with a fistful of jersey. Parker responds with two glancing rights off the helmet and a takedown.
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Jody Shelley vs. Eric Cairns
1 Pd 9:35
@CBJ NYI Eric Cairns
The two found each other near center ice and the gloves came off. After a square-off, Shelley takes the first shot and then the two settle in. They both grab a handful of jersey to set themselves. They each trade a few shots that didn't get in, then Cairns throws a couple, landing one. It's Jody's turn next, getting in one shot. Cairns then starts throwing the haymakers, landing 2. One cut open Shelly's nose and it looked like the other grazed helmet. Shelly had a cut on his nose and Cairns had some visible cuts on his hand.
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Jody Shelley vs. Murray Baron
2 Pd 13:43
@CBJ VAN Murray Baron
Started after Vancouver's 5th goal. Both guys agree to go mutually after some egging on by Shelley. Off come the gloves and both men grab on. Shelley with the right drawn back. Shelley fires a heavy right that just misses Baron's face. Jody returns another right that catches the helmet. Repeat last sentence. Another right lands to Baron's neck. Jody tries again with the right, but Baron has his arm locked out now. It is obvious that Baron is out of Shelley's league. Jody tries a right uppercut, but it don't have the distance. Baron's helmet is down over his eyes. Murray fires a right that misses which allows Shelley to throw a right that also misses. Off balance a bit, Shelley throws a wild right which lands on Baron's back. Grabbing. Another right uppercut from Shelley may have grazed Baron. A straight right from Shelley is blocked. Baron comes back with a right that falls short. Shelley throws another right that is blocked. The next right is heavy duty and Baron blocks it with his head. He topples to the ice like a toy. Not a TKO or KO. Just a heavy shot that muscled him down. Jody lands another right to the ribs on the way down. It's over now. Other Penalties: Shelley received a misconduct.
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Matt Johnson vs. Jody Shelley
1 Pd 3:11
CBJ @MIN Matt Johnson
The fight starts right off the face off. They both start throwing and Johnson gets Shelley's helmet off. Shelley falls down, then he stands back up and hits him in the shoulder. They both fall to the ice this time and Johnson may have landed a punch while down.
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Georges Laraque vs. Jody Shelley
1 Pd 3:2
CBJ @EDM Georges Laraque
Fair square-off at center ice. They grab on and Shelley misses a right. In-tight wrestling now. Both guys get each other's helmets off and start trading punches. Laraque with lefts, Shelley with rights. Laraque lands about 5 solid lefts, and then Shelley comes in with the huge right that seems to puts Laraque to the ice.
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Jody Shelley vs. Nathan Perrott
1 Pd 16:36
@CBJ NSH Nathan Perrott
Neither guy really got going as they clinched then ended up on the ice pretty quick. It looked like Perrott may have landed a few quick rabbit punch lefts while hugging.
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Wade Belak vs. Jody Shelley
1 Pd 3:14
CBJ @TOR Wade Belak
Shelley gets the early start with a few quick jabs to Belak's mug, but Belak soon gets going and lands a few more then Jody. A good long scrap...they tire out. It seems Shelley was spitting blood.
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Jody Shelley vs. Scott Thornton
3 Pd 10:45
@CBJ SJS Scott Thornton
none yet