Adam Mair

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: C
Birthday: Feb 15, 1979
From: Hamilton, ON Canada
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 193 lbs.
NHL Fights: 7
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Wayne Primeau vs. Adam Mair
2 Pd 9:57
BUF @PIT Wayne Primeau
They exchanged punches as Pushor and Boulton are going. Mair threw the first one, then Primeau dropped his gloves and looked to throw a big right. Nothing too exciting, they calm down as they realize that Boulton and Pushor are going, but it is too late, they get game misconducts for a nothing fight. Other Penalties: Both players received game misconducts.
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Chris Neil vs. Adam Mair
3 Pd 13:3
BUF @OTT Chris Neil
They drop them by the benches. Mair is wailing away with the left. A bunch of shots land, some miss. Mair rips Neil's helmet off and hits him twice with it. Mair is going crazy with the left, hard to tell if he's landing them all. Neil finally throws a few back and lands one or two, others come up short. Mair with more lefts, including one that appears to land well. Very entertaining fight. Other Penalties: Mair received an attempt to injure match penalty.
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Adam Mair vs. Dan Boyle
1 Pd 17:2
@BUF TBL Dan Boyle
Boyle gets knee to knee contact on Boulton. Cameras got there late, but Boyle was laying on the ice and Mair had the gloves off. According to the announcers, Boyle went down after one punch, he never dropped the gloves. Other Penalties: Boyle received a roughing; Mair a double slashing, instigator and misconduct.
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Adam Mair vs. Darcy Tucker
3 Pd 18:18
@BUF TOR Darcy Tucker
Tucker takes a run at Kalinin and Mair objects. They drop them around the Sabres blueline. Mair lands lightly with three lefts to start, and they have each other tied up pretty good. They trade a few back and forth, and Mair looks to have landed two good left uppercuts and missed on one as Tucker goes down.
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Brian Sutherby vs. Adam Mair
2 Pd 17:8
BUF @WAS Brian Sutherby
Off the faceoff Mair wants Sutherby and drops the gloves. Mair gets off about three lefts before Sutherby responds. Both then get free and throw 7 bombs each, both landing a few. Mair then falls and pulls Sutherby down with him. Sutherby had a bloody nose. Mair had a cut over his left eye.
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Adam Mair vs. Bryan McCabe
1 Pd 13:23
@BUF TOR Bryan McCabe
Mair is looking for revenge because of the late hit, and goes after McCabe. They go toe to toe, Mair with lefts, McCabe with rights. Mair was busted open by one of the uppercuts, but came back at the end. McCabe goes off balance at the end and they both tumble down. McCabe seemed to be landing the better shots.
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Adam Mair vs. Ben Simon
3 Pd 6:57
@BUF ATL Ben Simon
Big scrum after the whistle, everyone gets into it. Cowan and Fitzpatrick tie up and fall, drawing roughing minors. Boulton is trying to get at Exelby, but is being held off. Mair hooks up with Simon. Simon kicked Mair's legs out, and Mair was off-balance for the entire fight, and couldn't get anything going. Simon landed a few lefts. Other Penalties: Rory Fitzpatrick received a roughing; Jeff Cowan a roughing and misconduct; Boulton a misconduct.