Adam Mair

2005-2006 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: C
Birthday: Feb 15, 1979
From: Hamilton, ON Canada
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 193 lbs.
NHL Fights: 5
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Craig Rivet vs. Adam Mair
3 Pd 5:20
BUF @MON Craig Rivet
Voted winner:  Adam Mair   (29.4%) - Voted rating: 2
The fight begins in the Buffalo zone. They grab on and Mair throws a jersey-jab and misses with a strong left. Rivet tries to rip off Mair's helmet and loses his balance in the process, sending both guys to the ice with Mair throwing a left as they are going down.
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Adam Mair vs. Matt Bradley
2 Pd 7:26
@BUF WAS Matt Bradley
Voted winner:  Matt Bradley   (28.1%) - Voted rating: 6
The two meet up along the boards and drop the gloves. Bradley is swinging away with huge wild right hands while Mair is attempting to gain position. One of Bradley's rights connects and Mair looks to be stunned for a split second. Mair regains his composure and starts throwing lefts while Bradley continues to throw wild rights. Mair switches hands and may have connected with a right while Bradley switches to the left. Bradley gets Mair bent over and throws a wild left to the back of the helmet of Mair and they both tumble to the ground.
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Dan Hinote vs. Adam Mair
1 Pd 6:7
BUF @COL Dan Hinote
Voted winner:  Adam Mair   (67.2%) - Voted rating: 5.7
Mair nails Hinote with a big hit along the boards. Hinote goes after him and they drop the gloves. They grab on with Mair throwing three lefts and Hinote coming back with a right. They then begin exchanging punches, Mair with lefts, Hinote with rights. Mair throws a right as Hinote loses his balance and goes down to a knee. Hinote gets back up and they wrestle around for a bit until the linesmen come in. Mair throws a left while the linesmen are in between them. Other Penalties: Mair received a roughing.
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Josh Gratton vs. Adam Mair
1 Pd 17:6
BUF @PHI Josh Gratton
Voted winner:  Josh Gratton   (50.8%) - Voted rating: 4.6
Mair takes at run at Jeff Carter, but only partially connects with an open ice check. Brashear comes over and gives Mair a shot in retaliation. Peters skates over in Mair's defense as he and Brashear push and shove before Gratton challenges Mair and they drop the gloves. They tie up as both players struggle to get loose. Gratton takes Mair's helmet off and throws a few short rights. Mair pushes Gratton up against the boards as Gratton throws a few rabbit punches to the side of Mair's head. Mair throws a left as Gratton tries to throw a few locked-out rights. They spin around before Gratton gets his left hand loose and throws a couple of punches with Mair throwing a right. They get in tight and wrestle around until Gratton gets free and throws a couple of rights as Mair loses his balance and pulls Gratton down with him.
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Adam Mair vs. David Hale
3 Pd 4:48
@BUF NJD David Hale
Voted winner:  Adam Mair   (51%) - Voted rating: 4.9
They get the sticks up and start pushing and shoving in front of the benches as they drop the gloves. Hale connects with three straight rights as Mair is holding on to the side board. Mair lets go and the two skate out to center ice where Hale lands two more rights as Mair throws a left. Mair lands two overhand rights to the back of Hale's helmet before ripping it off as Hale misses with a right. Mair misses with a left and hangs on to Hale in order to stay on his feet. Mair throws four more lefts to the back of Hale's head as Hale throws two rights, missing with one and landing one to the side of Mair's head. Mair throws 5-6 lefts to the back of Hale's head while Hale attempts a few locked-out rights. Mair throws a couple of body shots before the two hold on and wait for the linesmen to come in.