Jesse Boulerice

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Aug 10, 1978
From: Plattsburgh, NY United States
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 203 lbs.
NHL Fights: 16
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Jesse Boulerice vs. Ryan VandenBussche
2 Pd 8:25
@CAR CHI Ryan VandenBussche
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Jesse Boulerice vs. Sylvain Blouin
1 Pd 2:47
@CAR MON Sylvain Blouin
They were grappling, then Blouin goes down and Boulerice continued to throw after he went down. Might have landed a couple as the linesmen jumped in.
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Jesse Boulerice vs. Eric Boulton
2 Pd 3:53
@CAR BUF Eric Boulton
Fair square off near center ice. Boulton starts with a big right that lands. Boulton throws another, misses, and slips. Both guys seem off-balance. Boulton throws some more rights to Boulerice's helmet. Boulerice throws and lands some rights of his own. Boulton gets Boulerice's jersey up and throws some uppercuts that seemed to connect. Spirited battle here, looked like Boulerice was bleeding from the mouth.
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Jesse Boulerice vs. Andrei Nazarov
1 Pd 8:45
@CAR ARI Andrei Nazarov
No punches thrown or landed by either. Boulerice's jersy gets pulled over and Naz tackles him to the ice.
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Matthew Barnaby vs. Jesse Boulerice
2 Pd 4:31
CAR @NYR Matthew Barnaby
These two decide to drop the gloves and square off. Boulerice is the aggressor and throws 3-4 rights at Barnaby hitting helmet with maybe one connecting to the forehead. Barnaby's jersey gets pulled over and the linesmen jump in.
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Jamie Allison vs. Jesse Boulerice
3 Pd 2:32
CAR @CBJ Jamie Allison
Decent fight that lasted a while. Both guys were bringing it. It looked like Allison landed a few more and one caught Boulerice pretty good.
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Brad Smyth vs. Jesse Boulerice
2 Pd 6:3
CAR @OTT Brad Smyth
Smyth challenged Boulerice because of the big win vs Neil. Smyth throws an uppercut that came up short. Boulerice gets his helmet off and Smyth drags him to the ice.
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Chris Neil vs. Jesse Boulerice
1 Pd 8:53
CAR @OTT Chris Neil
Boulerice looked like he wanted it and Neil accepts. A couple nothing shots by each and they fall, however there is only one linesman over there and he lets em get up. The first punch that is thrown is a big right cross by Boulerice that connects and down goes Neil.
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Scott Ferguson vs. Jesse Boulerice
3 Pd 12:58
CAR @EDM Scott Ferguson
They come together at the Canes blueline and immediately get to grappling. Boulerice is going for the helmet, while Ferguson is jockeying for position. Boulerice throws a couple of rights, at the same time Ferguson lets loose with some lefts. More grappling. Ferguson connects with a nice right hand. Boulerice tries to switch to southpaw, but unsuccessful. Boulerice then misses a wild right hand. Ferguson connects with a decent left hand that had Boulerice off-balance. They separate very briefly and come together again. Ferguson seems to be out of gas. Boulerice throws some lefts while Ferguson is trying to get out of the way. He throws some weak lefts. Boulerice throws 3-4 more rights. They are both tired at this point, and the linesmen step in.
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Chris Tamer vs. Jesse Boulerice
2 Pd 15:40
CAR @ATL Chris Tamer
Short square off, Jesse gets a good hold of Tamer, and connects with some short punches. Boulerice is controlling the fight, but Tamer throws a couple at the end, one of which may have connected.
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Jesse Boulerice vs. Gordie Dwyer
1 Pd 2:18
@CAR NYR Gordie Dwyer
After a series of big hits early in the first period, a stoppage brings pushing and shoving. Dwyer breaks free from the ref and does an end-around to get to Boulerice. Dwyer drops the gloves and begins throwing rights and grabs Boulerice who's caught somewhat off-guard. To his credit Boulerice drops his gloves and begins to respond with rights, and gets Dwyer's helmet off. Lots of slipping and sliding, wild punches, and wrestling. Each player lands a couple of punches without any damage. Entertaining, wild scrap.Other Penalties: Joel Bouchard received an obstruction hooking; Dwyer an instigator and misconduct.
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Jesse Boulerice vs. D.J. Smith
1 Pd 15:19
@CAR COL D.J. Smith
Boulerice levels Aubin. Just then the Avs are changing the defensemen so Smith comes on and goes right for Boulerice. They drop em and tie up. Smith throws a right that hits shoulder, Boulerice throws a right cross that looked to land on the chin. Smith then lands a hard right. Boulerice throws a left that hits the back of the helmet, which he then rips off. Boulerice throws a wild right which throws both guys off balance, so Smith falls and gets up and pushes Boulerice down and throws one to the back of the helmet.
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Jesse Boulerice vs. Jim McKenzie
2 Pd 11:27
@CAR NJD Jim McKenzie
McKenzie lands 2 right in the beginning of the fight, then proceeds to fire 7 more that hit shoulder pad, then presses Boulerice against the boards and throws 1 or 2. Then Boulerice gets Jim with 2 good shots and that’s when Jim stops throwing and begins to hug while Boulerice fires them when he can. At the end Boulerice lands a beauty when the linesmen start to come in.
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Jesse Boulerice vs. Peter Worrell
1 Pd 10:25
@CAR FLA Peter Worrell
Boulerice and Worrell squareoff. They grab hold of each other's jerseys with their left hands. Boulerice extends his left which holds the shirt into a jab, and Jesse at first seems to have the larger man looking for balance. Boulerice lifts Worrell's jersey over his face, and Worrell's helmet comes off easily. Right after this, Worrell lands an overhand right to the side of a turning Boulerice's head. The two struggle, staying at arm's length and circling to gain control over the other. Boulerice swings with a big right, but he clearly misses Worrell, who has him at too far a distance. The two still holding each other with their left hands, Worrell throws Boulerice slightly off balance with a strong shove, and then, taking advantage of his longer reach, lands another overhand right. Boulerice quickly gathers himself and sends a solid right to the body of Worrell and another strong right to the back of Worrell's uncovered head. Worrell appears to gain the upper hand as Boulerice tries to pull his jersey in front of his face. Worrell misses with a right, but uses the momentum to follow through with his forearm, taking Boulerice to the ice in the process. Peter has Jesse on the ice, under him, and as the two begin to get up the linesmen grab them. Boulerice holds on to Worrell's jersey as the referees are between them, but the linesmen manage to separate them. The whole fight has occured very quickly.
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Jesse Boulerice vs. Wade Belak
2 Pd 12:58
@CAR TOR Wade Belak
Decently long fight. Belak starts off with left-hand shirt punches. They start spinning around and both are throwing rights, Belak to the head, Boulerice to the body. Belak comes back with a few more rights, one or two of which seem to land. Belak gets a bit off balance and switches to his left while Boulerice throws a couple back at him, landing at least one. Belak throws a few wild lefts and ducks a big right by Boulerice. He then lands a shot on Boulerice who goes down, but more like a slip than a knockdown.
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Aaron Downey vs. Jesse Boulerice
1 Pd 6:13
CAR @DAL Aaron Downey
Voted winner:  Aaron Downey   (100%) - Voted rating: 8.9
Nice squareoff. Downey adjusts his jersey, they both get the hands up and wait for the first move. Boulerice throws a huge right that misses and Downey cracks him with a big left. Down goes Boulerice! Sweet KO.