John Erskine

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Jun 26, 1980
From: Ajax, ON Canada
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 219 lbs.
NHL Fights: 8
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Jody Shelley vs. John Erskine
1 Pd 3:1
DAL @CBJ Jody Shelley
Shelley gets off a right to start the fight, then Erskine keeps his back bent over while holding Shelley's right. Shelly has Erskine's jersey so they are in pretty tight. Various swings with nothing landing, then Shelly avoids the stalemate and takes a chance by letting go. Both start swinging and they each get in a couple of shots before Erskine gets the takedown.
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Darcy Hordichuk vs. John Erskine
2 Pd 2:36
DAL @ATL Darcy Hordichuk
They bump into each and just throw the gloves off at the blue line. They each get in about 4-5 rights in their shoulders and helmets. Hordichuk then gets Erskine's sweater over his head and starts throwing away. He probably threw 3-5 shots and Erskine went on one knee (not really because he was getting hit, but because he couldn't see and Hordichuk was pulling him down with his left hand) and threw a couple rights that missed. Erskine then gets up and is able to get his sweater from over his head and it looks like they're ready to chuck knuckles a little while longer but the refs broke it up. Other Penalties: Pat Verbeek received an unsportsmanlike conduct.
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John Erskine vs. Paul Laus
2 Pd 8:59
@DAL FLA Paul Laus
It wasn't much of a fight but Laus was the only one that threw punches (2 or 3 of them) and he may have landed 1. Laus also got the takedown. Other Penalties: Rob DiMaio and Laus each received roughings.
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John Erskine vs. Joey Tetarenko
1 Pd 15:8
@DAL FLA Joey Tetarenko
Voted winner:  John Erskine   (78.6%) - Voted rating: 7.7
Erskine lands a right to the body and then follows with a big bomb to Tets' head. I'm not sure if the punch rattled Tets or if was a combo of the punch and shove with the left hand that Erskine has a hold of him with. As soon as Tetarenko stumbles Erskine lands another right to his head. Tets gets in a right but is met by 2 rights from Erskine with one possibly landing. Erskine has a hold of the front of Tets' jersey with his left hand and pulls it up over his face. After doing this he connects with two rights to his face, a weak right to the body, and then three big rights back to Tets face. They're now on the boards and Tetarenko gets a right off since he can see again. Erskine retaliates with a big right to the face and Tets answers with another right. Erskine decides to throws a right jab to Tetarenko's face, Tets misses a right and Erskine gets in another right jab, but this was a lot more powerful than the first jab. Erskine pushes Tetarenko against the boards and it looks like the refs are going to jump in to stop the fight, but they don't. Tets decides he should probably start throwing and gives Erskine four punches. The first was an overhead right that hits the back of Erskine's helmet, the second shot is an uppercut that hits an armpit, but the last two land to Erskine's face. Erskine tries to retaliate but misses a right. Tets tries to connect with a right of his own but misses. He then gets a right hook from Erskine that lands on the back of his helmet. The refs jump in to stop the fight.
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John Erskine vs. Georges Laraque
2 Pd 2:50
@DAL EDM Georges Laraque
The two square off in front of Belfour. Erskine threw about three punches, one might have hit Laraque in the face, but the other two were shoulder/stomach shots. Erskine then had his head in Laraque's chest and he was just holding on so Georges couldn't get any punches off.
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John Erskine vs. Todd Harvey
1 Pd 16:46
@DAL SJS Todd Harvey
Harvey hits Lukowich and Erskine takes exception. Erskine gets off a few shots, landing nothing serious. Then Harvey gets in a couple, but they were in bad position and fall down when the refs come in.
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John Erskine vs. Ken Belanger
2 Pd 5:23
@DAL LAK Ken Belanger
Erskine just went after Belanger. Belanger got the jersey up quick over Erskine's head and landed 9 straight lefts! Refs mistimed the break up in their attempt to save Erskine further punishment and in grabbing Belanger first, Erskine got in a decent shot.
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Ian Laperriere vs. John Erskine
1 Pd 10:55
DAL @LAK Ian Laperriere
Laperriere knocks Modano to the ice and Erskine comes skating at him with a full head of steam with the gloves off. Not a lot landed and it was over a little too soon. The two fall fast, and that's it. Other Penalties: Erskine received an instigator and misconduct.