Lyle Odelein

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Jul 21, 1968
From: Quill Lake, SK Canada
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 210 lbs.
NHL Fights: 5
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Lyle Odelein vs. Sean Brown
1 Pd 18:44
@CBJ EDM Sean Brown
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Lyle Odelein vs. Jamal Mayers
2 Pd 3:45
@CBJ STL Jamal Mayers
Other Penalties: Odelein received a cross checking.
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Lyle Odelein vs. Denny Lambert
2 Pd 9:8
@CBJ ANA Denny Lambert
Odelein goes after Lambert after the play is blown dead, likely due to words the two had earlier. Lambert tries to start off with a right but it just ain't happening. Odelein follows with a nothing right and lands a few follow up glancing blows to Denny's helmet. Lambert has his head buried in Lyle's chest. Odelein fires a right that hits Lambert's back. They're all tied up now. Denny's helmet is off. Grabbing now. Odelein fires three quick rights while in close and two connect to the top of Lambert's head. Funny, it looks like Lambert's head is inside of Odelein's jersey. Lambert lands a crusher to the face of Odelein. In close again. Round and round they go. Denny wants that helmet off. Here we go: Lyle drops a big left as Lambert uncorks a right. Denny doesn't have the distance but Odelein does and he lands heavy to the face! He follows up with another left to the face and Lambert connects with a right at the same time! Lyle glances one off the back. Holding on now. Good flurry. Lambert cuts loose with a right that Lyle ducks and returns with a right that may have connected. Hard to tell due to the angle. Lambert throws a wild right that misses and pulls both guys off balance. Down they go. In come the zebras and it is over. Seemed like Lambert had his head down the whole fight. Nice fight.
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Dan LaCouture vs. Lyle Odelein
2 Pd 4:2
CBJ @PIT Dan LaCouture
Starts several seconds after a whistle stops play along the boards. Lots of grabbing and spinning early on. Lacouture starts off and lands with a weak left to the back of Odelein's helmet. He tries again and lands a noogie shot to the helmet. Lyle comes back a with a nice left that jilts Dan's helmet sideways. A really short Lacouture left finds the helmet again. Lyle comes in with a weak left to the helmet. Both guys unload lefts in stereo; Odelein grazes the left eye, Dan lands to the face. And again come the lefts from both; Lyle grazes the face, Lacouture comes up just short. And once again the lefts fly; Odelein lands a slight blow to the nose that appears to stun Dan whose punch loses momentum and fizzles out. Lacouture bends over and was likely finished with that last punch. Lyle adds another left to the back of the helmet. Dan is grabbing on close. That left definitely connected. Spinning. Lyle has a drop of blood on the bridge of his nose. Dan unburies his head from Odelein's chest and attempts a left but it's tied up. Odelein throws a left to the back/shoulder area. Again Lacouture can't uncork the left. Odelein throws, you guessed it, a left and it ain't doing nothing. The momentum carries both guys to the ice and it is over.
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Lyle Odelein vs. Jason Strudwick
2 Pd 7:44
@CBJ VAN Jason Strudwick
Both guys locked out really well. Few legit punches thrown with none landing or causing damage.