Wade Belak

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Jul 03, 1976
From: Saskatoon, SK Canada
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 213 lbs.
NHL Fights: 14
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Donald Brashear vs. Wade Belak
2 Pd 9:49
TOR @VAN Donald Brashear
Other Penalties: Brashear received a misconduct.
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Wade Belak vs. P.J. Stock
2 Pd 2:56
@TOR BOS P.J. Stock
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Wade Belak vs. Jim McKenzie
1 Pd 1:44
@TOR NJD Jim McKenzie
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Wade Belak vs. Patrik Elias
3 Pd 16:9
@TOR NJD Patrik Elias
Belak slashes Elias and they drop the gloves and start to go. Both throwing good. Elias handling himself well and then Arnott comes flying in and jumps on Belak. Elias is ripped out and Belak starts drilling Arnott who is on the ice. Camera switches to Corson and White. Comes back after the scrum is over. Belak has a bloody lip and Arnott a bloody nose. Belak beats Arnott and has a draw with Elias? It's two, two, two recaps in one (it's from a commercial...ah...forget it). Fun. Other Penalties: Elias received a misconduct; Arnott a game misconduct; Belak a high sticking and game misconduct.
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Wade Belak vs. Chris Dingman
1 Pd 12:56
@TOR CAR Chris Dingman
They were mostly in close, wrestling. Belak landed two lefts and Dingman two rights. Belak got Dingman's shirt over his head and then Dingman fell on Belak.
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Wade Belak vs. Steve McKenna
2 Pd 14:3
@TOR NYR Steve McKenna
Drop the gloves at center ice behind the play. Mostly wrestling in this one. Belak threw about 10 shots, 1 shot landed solid to McKenna's side. McKenna threw about 5 or 6 before Belak got the takedown.
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Wade Belak vs. Kelly Buchberger
2 Pd 9:59
@TOR LAK Kelly Buchberger
Good square off as both guys circle each other for about 7 seconds with the gloves off. Buchberger starts with a left jab which misses - bit of dancing continues but not for long as Belak goes in. Belak unleashes four rights with 1 or 2 landing real good...at least one landed good. Buchberger retaliates with two rights with one landing real good but by this point Belak has Buchberger's jersey pulled up. Belak tosses four more rights. Then they come together for a close hug where the shots are either noogies or very short punches to the back of the head.
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Darren Langdon vs. Wade Belak
1 Pd 10:58
TOR @CAR Darren Langdon
Off the faceoff, the two fighters are having words. They skate away from each other, Langdon gets the puck and shoots it into the Leafs zone. Belak finishes his check on Langdon, and they both hold on to each other. Off come the gloves, and Belak gets the early jump. He gets off about 4-6 right hand shots, with 2 or 3 landing solidly. Langdon tries to come back, as he throws 3 or 4 rights. Most either came up empty or didn't land flush. Belak's helmet then gets caught in such a manner that it's actually blocking his face from further Langdon punches. The linesmen step in at this point.
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Wade Belak vs. Chris Tamer
1 Pd 3:56
@TOR ATL Chris Tamer
Not much of a fight here. There was a lot of wrestling, and a few rights thrown by Belak.
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Wade Belak vs. Todd Fedoruk
1 Pd 1:22
@TOR PHI Todd Fedoruk
Fedoruk landed a good left jab. They were in close and Belak landed a quick right. Fedoruk fell and Belak landed a big right. Fedoruk got up and they wrestled and both fell to the ice.
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Todd Fedoruk vs. Wade Belak
2 Pd 3:16
TOR @PHI Todd Fedoruk
It started with the two players jousting at the Flyers' blueline, then they finally come together and shed the gloves. The Fridge fires the first 2 shots, one grazing Wade. Wade then returns the favor with 3 of his own. Fedoruk seems to be throwing jabs with the hand holding Wade's jersey. Then they dance a little and Belak gets 2 off and the Fridge 1, nothing damaging. Then Belak gets a couple more off, landing one which seems to wake Fedoruk up. Todd then goes on the warpath, throwing 2 to the body and a wild uppercut that sends Belak's helmet flying off. Todd throws another haymaker that misses and Belak tries a couple of his own, grazing Todd as Fedoruk has his head turned away. The Fridge keeps throwing those jab punches with the jersey hand, landing one square. Fedoruk then gets in 2 more as it looks as if Belak's had enough. As the refs step in, Todd tries one more. Other Penalties: Fedoruk received a high-sticking.
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Brendan Shanahan vs. Wade Belak
3 Pd 6:29
TOR @DET Brendan Shanahan
Shanahan slashes Garry Valk and Belak shoves him. They both drop their gloves. Belak starts of by throwing a right to the back of Shanahan's head. He then lands two more, both to the back of Shanahan's head. Belak lands a right under Shanahan's arm and follows it up with a right to the back of the head. Belak throws and lands two more rights to Shanahan's head. Belak lands a weak left on Shanahan's neck. Belak then lands another right to the Back of Shanahan's head. Belak then lands a left to Shanahan's face. The refs then come in to separate the two. Other note: Shanahan went into the game with an injured wrist. Other Penalties: Shanahan received a slashing.
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Wade Belak vs. Jody Shelley
1 Pd 3:14
@TOR CBJ Jody Shelley
Shelley gets the early start with a few quick jabs to Belak's mug, but Belak soon gets going and lands a few more then Jody. A good long scrap...they tire out. It seems Shelley was spitting blood.
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Wade Belak vs. Jamie Allison
2 Pd 15:8
@TOR CBJ Jamie Allison
Camera shows Allison and Belak in the corner and then moves away from them. When it comes back, Belak is throwing a quick right. After about four quick rights, Allison goes down. Other Penalties: Tyler Wright received a roughing.