Wade Belak

2002-2003 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Jul 03, 1976
From: Saskatoon, SK Canada
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 213 lbs.
NHL Fights: 17
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Wade Belak vs. P.J. Stock
3 Pd 5:6
@TOR BOS P.J. Stock
Voted winner:  P.J. Stock   (60%) - Voted rating: 7.2
Off of a Toronto goal these two grab each other and drop them. Stock throws a bunch of lefts under Belak's arm, who is off balance and can't get anything going. Belak finally gets himself sorted out and gets some rights off. Belak and Stock start trading punches, each landing a couple. Then Belak is able to get Stock off balance and use his reach to throw a few unanswered rights, but doesn't seem to do much damage with them. Stock gets back in close, and they are both pretty much out of gas. They hold on and the linesman come in.
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Wade Belak vs. Jeff Cowan
2 Pd 18:19
@TOR ATL Jeff Cowan
Leafs take a 3-1 lead. On the next shift Cowan rams Berg into the boards and Belak comes in right away. The gloves are off and Belak has an early start and fires about 9 rights, switches to the left for a shot and back to the right for three shots and Cowan goes down. Other Penalties: Cowan received a roughing.
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Wade Belak vs. Krzysztof Oliwa
3 Pd 2:58
@TOR BOS Krzysztof Oliwa
Squareoff off of a faceoff, camera is pretty late getting there, both guys are very active and throwing punches. Oliwa is sticking with his right and Belak is switching it up. Both land about 2 shots when Belak hits a left, then a right that buckles Oliwa. He takes a knee and stands up, then they hold on and the refs come in.
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Steve McKenna vs. Wade Belak
1 Pd 15:42
TOR @PIT Steve McKenna
Starts with Belak hitting McKenna against the glass, Mckenna responds with a butt end and Belak throws down first. McKenna follows and gets the jump on him, landing two good shots in a flurry of about four. Belak is getting handled and he looks like he is going down when he regains his composure and gets to arms length with him. Belak then throws a short flurry, landing one. McKenna loses his balance, but jumps back up and throws another quick bundle, one or two grazing this time. Then Belak twists McKenna and lands two shots on his way down. Other Penalties: Belak received a charging.
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P.J. Stock vs. Wade Belak
3 Pd 19:13
TOR @BOS P.J. Stock
It starts with PJ slashing Belak, which Wade doesn't like and Belak drops the gloves. They start out wrestling and grappling, trying to get their hands free. PJ starts throwing uppercuts then Belak starts landing some punches near or to the side of PJ. PJ comes back with some rights to Belak. At this point both are tired of throwing and are holding on. The referees won't jump in so PJ keeps trying to throw uppercuts even though his face is red and exausted. Belak gets thrown back near the net by one of Stock's punches and almost falls and that’s when the linesmen jump in. Other Penalties: Stock received a slashing.
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Sean Brown vs. Wade Belak
2 Pd 8:36
TOR @BOS Sean Brown
Occurs after a scrum in front of the net. They pair off, linesmen let em go. Off come the gloves and Belak nails Sean Brown with two nice hard rights. Brown goes down, tries to get up but loses his balance and goes down again.
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Sandy McCarthy vs. Wade Belak
3 Pd 14:15
TOR @NYR Sandy McCarthy
Long squareoff. They get in close and start throwing short punches. Belak connected with a few nice shots early in the fight. McCarthy switched hands mid-way and got in a few shots of his own.
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Randy McKay vs. Wade Belak
1 Pd 11:29
TOR @MON Randy McKay
Both are shoving infront of the net and decide to drop them. Both grab on, glance one shot each, and then hold on again. Belak landes three nice jabs with the hand he is holding onto McKay's jersey with, then McKay lands a little jab himself. They are grappling for position for a while when Belak gets a hand loose and lands three bombs on McKay. Two hitting the side of his head and landing well. The linesmen come in and it's over. Mckay has a bloody lip afterwards.
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Jesse Boulerice vs. Wade Belak
2 Pd 12:58
TOR @CAR Jesse Boulerice
Decently long fight. Belak starts off with left-hand shirt punches. They start spinning around and both are throwing rights, Belak to the head, Boulerice to the body. Belak comes back with a few more rights, one or two of which seem to land. Belak gets a bit off balance and switches to his left while Boulerice throws a couple back at him, landing at least one. Belak throws a few wild lefts and ducks a big right by Boulerice. He then lands a shot on Boulerice who goes down, but more like a slip than a knockdown.
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Peter Worrell vs. Wade Belak
2 Pd 6:47
TOR @FLA Peter Worrell
Both have the lefts locked onto the neck of the jersey. Worrell tries to keep Belak at a distance but Belak throws with the left, while holding the jersey. As Worrell is in close, he throws some rights that miss and hit the side of the head. Worrell throws three rights, but doesn't connect. Belak continues to use the left hand trick and manages to land a right. The fight ends when Worrell throws a right and Belak ducks. Both fall to the ice with Worell getting an arm bar take down.
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Wade Belak vs. Danny Cleary
2 Pd 11:49
@TOR EDM Danny Cleary
Voted winner:  Wade Belak   (100%) - Voted rating: 4.3
Major size mismatch here, but Cleary did throw the first gloved punch to Wade's face. Belak throws his gloves off and proceeds to pummel Cleary with right uppercuts.
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Wade Belak vs. Georges Laraque
2 Pd 18:3
@TOR EDM Georges Laraque
Voted winner:  Georges Laraque   (50%) - Voted rating: 4.9
You knew this would happen. Right off the faceoff, the gloves come off. Laraque starts off by ripping Belak's helmet off and connects with a few lefts. Belak rights himself and starts throwing a few rights. Wrestling now. Laraque tries a couple more lefts. More wrestling. Laraque throws two rights to the back of Belak's head. Belak throws a right hand to the side of Georges's head. Laraque gets the takedown.
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Eric Boulton vs. Wade Belak
1 Pd 13:59
TOR @BUF Eric Boulton
Belak starts with a bunch of jersey-grabbing-hand lefts. Boulton can't land his uppercuts and Belak lands a couple of uppercuts of his own. Boulton takes a knee, but gets up. Most of Boulton's shots are coming up short, and Belak's aren't landing well. Boulton's jersey comes off at the end.
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Georges Laraque vs. Wade Belak
2 Pd 2:19
TOR @EDM Georges Laraque
Voted winner:  Georges Laraque   (57.1%) - Voted rating: 4.1
Belak takes Chimera down on a potential two-on-one. Laraque skates after Belak and the two meet up in the corner. In-tight grappling. Belak tries a left as Laraque throws a couple. Laraque throws a couple more, and Belak is pulling Laraque's shirt over his head. Belak goes down and the linesmen jump in. Other Penalties: Belak received a holding.
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Denis Gauthier vs. Wade Belak
2 Pd 3:37
TOR @CAL Denis Gauthier
Gauthier flattens Belak near the boards and they drop em. After R. Jackman clears some stray Flames out of the way Belak proceeds to lay the work on Gauthier firing over the top and with uppercuts. At least four landing and Gauthier was cut. Gauthier threw nothing. Other Penalties: Belak received an instigator and misconduct.
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Jamie Allison vs. Wade Belak
2 Pd 2:57
TOR @CBJ Jamie Allison
Quick fight. Belak landed one good uppercut, a couple of lefts with the same hand that was holding the jersey. Allison was locked out and couldn't really reach with anything.
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Wade Belak vs. Stephen Peat
3 Pd 12:36
@TOR WAS Stephen Peat
Voted winner:  Stephen Peat   (92.3%) - Voted rating: 8.3
Good, long squareoff. Belak starts with some rights and lands 1-2, then Peat throws 12-15 lefts, many landing and then switches and lands a right bomb. Belak recovers and then lands one left of his own and the linesmen jump in as they're dog tired and Peat is smiling. Other Penalties: Richard Jackman received a high sticking.