Wade Belak

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Jul 03, 1976
From: Saskatoon, SK Canada
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 213 lbs.
NHL Fights: 9
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Wade Belak vs. Stephen Peat
1 Pd 8:27
@TOR WAS Stephen Peat
Voted winner:  Stephen Peat   (48.6%) - Voted rating: 4.5
Both go after each other the whole shift and finally Belak hits Peat and they decide to go. Belak starts off pretty well with the uppercuts to straight rights. Most came up short, but he did get in a couple. Peat then gets the lefts going again, but Belak turns into him and Peat can't get in much. Belak throws a couple of more that seem to hit the mark. Peat gets his left free again and lands a big left that gives Belak a bloody nose and follows up with another big left. They then hug and the linesmen come in.
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Wade Belak vs. Steve McKenna
3 Pd 5:14
@TOR PIT Steve McKenna
Voted winner:  Steve McKenna   (63.6%) - Voted rating: 3.2
They shove, and as the ref tries to control them, they pull away and Belak lands a nice right to McKenna's ear, then another over the top of McKenna's head, grazing him and getting him off balance. They both have two handfuls of jersey and are whipping each other around. Belak throws a right to McKenna's shoulder, then another that grazes Steve's head. They both throw rights that get tangled and miss. McKenna throws a big right that hits Belak's neck/helmet. McKenna's elbow pad is tangled in his hand as Belak tries two jerseyed lefts. McKenna lands a right to the back of Belak's head and Belak misses two overhand rights, but gets McKenna off-balance. Belak looks to land a decent uppercut, then one right to McKenna's shoulder that might have slid up to McKenna's face. Belak shoves off and McKenna goes to one knee and gets up. Belak slaps a couple of rights into his back, then McKenna open hands the back of Belak's head. Belak has his right ready and McKenna ducks down as Belak lands a right on the top of his head. McKenna grabs Belak's waist and the linesmen come in. Other Penalties: McKenna received a spearing major and game misconduct; Belak an instigator, misconduct and game misconduct.
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Krzysztof Oliwa vs. Wade Belak
1 Pd 2:14
TOR @CAL Krzysztof Oliwa
Voted winner:  Krzysztof Oliwa   (94.1%) - Voted rating: 2.8
Short squareoff, Belak dives in and lands a short jab and quickly begins the spin cycle on Oliwa. Belak can't reach him though and Oliwa lands two weak rights to the side of Belak's head. Then he switches hands and lands one of two good jabs. A lot of spinning and missing with Belak, but he landed one more short jab before Oliwa landed a two at the end.
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Wade Belak vs. Dale Purinton
3 Pd 6:41
@TOR NYR Dale Purinton
Voted winner:  Wade Belak   (79.5%) - Voted rating: 5.6
They meet up after a check and lock up ready to go. They are in-close with each having the other's right hand tied up and throwing lefts. Both guys landing some shots while spinning. Still locked out with lefts, Belak decides to throw his jersey hand; letting go with his right hand and hits Puriton with two decent right hands and Puriton goes down.
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Wade Belak vs. Darren Langdon
1 Pd 5:42
@TOR MON Darren Langdon
Voted winner:  Wade Belak   (43.4%) - Voted rating: 7
They both grab on and Belak is holding him off with the left and throwing numerous jersey punches. Belak then gets the big right firing and fires off a few with two to three landing. Landgon wakes up and starts to fight back landing a few of his own. Belak keeps going with the jersey punches and is now trying to get the uppercuts to go but none connect. Belak throws a few more bombs with one opening up Langdon's left eye. They both start looking tired and Landgon takes over and lands a couple bombs, one that looks to stun Belak.
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Eric Godard vs. Wade Belak
1 Pd 6:54
TOR @NYI Eric Godard
Voted winner:  Wade Belak   (47.4%) - Voted rating: 4.5
Belak crushes an Islander behind the net and Godard lets him know its go time. Belak obliges immediately and throws a left which lands. This stuns Godard and he goes into defensive mode. Belak grabs on with the left and is throwing jersey punches with the left and trying to throw with the right. Belak is controlling the pace by keeping Godard off-balance. Godard starts to right himself and tries to throw a left which doesn't land. By this time both guys are played out.
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Doug Doull vs. Wade Belak
1 Pd 5:8
TOR @BOS Doug Doull
Voted winner:  Wade Belak   (38.1%) - Voted rating: 4.3
Doull starts with the left, landing some good punches and had Belak in a good spot, but decided to switch to the right, which was a bad move as it gave Belak an opening and he took advantage, landing some hard rights. Both landed about the same amount, but Belak had more on his punches and cut Doull under the eye.
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Wade Belak vs. Dan Focht
1 Pd 1:41
@TOR PIT Dan Focht
Voted winner:  Wade Belak   (42.1%) - Voted rating: 3
Belak puts Buchberger into the Pens' bench and Buchy drops to the ice in pain. Focht and Belak are throwing down when the camera goes off of Buchy. Belak from looks to graze a couple of rights on Focht while Focht throws a few uppercuts. They both miss uppercuts in front of the Leafs' bench. Belak comes up short with a right as they twirl. Belak rings a right off of Focht's helmet, then grazes another off the spinning and ducking Focht's shoulder. Focht then loses his balance and goes down. He jumps back up and Belak grabs a hold of his jersey and hits him with an uppercut and Focht goes back to his knees. He gets back up with a bare back and tries to go back at Belak, but the linesmen have both men under control. Other Penalties: Belak received a charging; Focht an instigator and misconduct.
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Wade Belak vs. Peter Worrell
1 Pd 17:10
@TOR COL Peter Worrell
Voted winner:  Wade Belak   (60.9%) - Voted rating: 5.9
They bump each other and decide to drop em. They each hold each other at arms-length with the left and begin to throw with the right. Belak throws some overhand rights at Worrell, some landing. Then Worrell starts throwing some haymakers, some barely landing, if at all. They continue to spin around and throw haymakers. Belak lands one that knocks Worrell's helmet off. Worrell counters with some rights of his own. They tire each other out, so the linesman come in to break up the fight.