Aaron Downey

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Aug 27, 1974
From: Shelburne, ON Canada
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 205 lbs.
NHL Fights: 10
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Aaron Downey vs. Brad May
3 Pd 3:3
@CHI ARI Brad May
Other Penalties: Downey received an instigator and misconduct.
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Aaron Downey vs. Brad May
2 Pd 11:16
@CHI ARI Brad May
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Aaron Downey vs. Todd Harvey
1 Pd 5:29
@CHI SJS Todd Harvey
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Aaron Downey vs. Chris McAllister
2 Pd 9:30
@CHI PHI Chris McAllister
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Aaron Downey vs. Georges Laraque
1 Pd 3:4
@CHI EDM Georges Laraque
After Downey hits Anson Carter, Big Georges goes directly after Aaron and off come the gloves. Laraque tries to get the helmet off of Downey, who's trying to get a good grip on Laraque's left arm. Laraque tries to rip it off his head, but that doesn't work, so he tries to throw a punch, but it misses. Laraque finally gets the helmet off of Downey's head and rains down left after left after left. No contest here as Georges is dominating at this point of the fight. He must've got off about 8-10 lefts at this point. The linesmen look like they are gonna break it up, as one grabs Georges, but the other linesmen doesn't grab Downey, so Downey is able to get off two shots before the other linesman can grab him.
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Aaron Downey vs. Sean Brown
2 Pd 5:23
@CHI EDM Sean Brown
During the previous play, Downey was mixing it up with Oiler captain Jason Smith after the whistle blew. So off the ensuing faceoff, Downey and Brown square off. Downey gets going first, unleashing some right hand bombs, that seemed to connect with either the top or the side of Brown's head. Brown countered with some rights of his own, which also connected pretty good. They jockey for position, and Downey then gets going with the left hand. Brown is off-balance and takes a few punches because of it. Brown tries to answer with lefts of his own, but they were weak. Downey is able to get Brown's jersey over his head at this point, and the linesmen step in. Brown goes down with both linesmen in between the two, and Downey throws two more right hand bombs.
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Paul Laus vs. Aaron Downey
3 Pd 3:47
CHI @FLA Paul Laus
Voted winner:  Aaron Downey   (40%) - Voted rating: 6.1
Lots of grappling with each side trying to throw some punches. Hard to tell what hits. First Laus, then Downey. Then during another hugging session, Laus rips off Downey's helmet and starts swinging it at him! Nothing hit, but he gets the match penalty. Other Penalties: Laus received a match penalty for attempting to injure.
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Andrei Nazarov vs. Aaron Downey
1 Pd 14:56
CHI @ARI Andrei Nazarov
A long squareoff. Nazarov starts off throwing a right that gets blocked by Downey, who was also throwing a punch. Surprisingly Naz didn't start hugging, he grabbed Downey with his right and started throwing several lefts (about 4-5) that were actually connecting. Downey finally gets his left loose and drills Naz with a left. Naz immediately goes down to the ice. Downey continued throwing lefts (none landing). As Nazarov tries to get up, Downey changes hands quickly and starts throwing several rights (also none connecting). The linesmen jump in right away, while Downey continues throwing punch after punch. He actually hit the linesman a couple times.
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Aaron Downey vs. Reid Simpson
3 Pd 10:19
@CHI NSH Reid Simpson
These two may have set the record for the longest hugfest EVER! Downey lets a few punches fly at the end and Simpson ends up on the ice.
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Reed Low vs. Aaron Downey
1 Pd 18:57
CHI @STL Reed Low
Probert checks Nash who gets his hands/stick up in Probie's face. Later in the shift Probert crosschecks Nash to the ice, punches him in the back of the head (w/glove on). While the refs are busy with these two, Downey and Low get together. Low starts it with a semi-uppercut, then a right to Downey's neck. Downey misses with a right, Low misses with a short right, then throws a left to Downey's ear. Downey misses 2 big lefts, Low rips his helmet off, then throws a left that hits Downey in jaw/neck. A left to top of Downey's head, then a left that turns Downey around. Low then throws 3 or 4 lefts to back of Downey's head. Downey looked like he landed a nice left to the side of Low's jaw, then misses with a left. Now they're twirling with both having their lefts free. Downey misses badly, then lands a nice left on Low, and then throws a haymaker that low blocks. A left by Downey to Low's chest, then an uppercut which is hard to tell if it hit. They tie up in close, Low throws a week left, then rocks Downey's head back with an uppercut. Low lands 5 short lefts on side of Downey's face and ear, then misses with an uppercut, then 2 more short lefts. Downey throws 2 weak lefts, and Low throws one that glances Downey's forehead. Downey misses an uppercut, and hits low with two on the helmet afterward. They both look at each other like thats enough and the linesmen come in. Other Penalties: Bob Probert received a double crosschecking and a roughing; Tyson Nash received a roughing.