Aaron Downey

2005-2006 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: RW
Birthday: Aug 27, 1974
From: Shelburne, ON Canada
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 205 lbs.
NHL Fights: 5
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Aaron Downey vs. Jim Vandermeer
2 Pd 5:9
@STL CHI Jim Vandermeer
Voted winner:  Jim Vandermeer   (56.7%) - Voted rating: 9.2
The camera comes in late and shows both guys trying to get loose. The announcer says that Downey had wrestled Vandermeer to the ice before the camera had gotten to the action. Downey lands four lefts on Vandermeer. Vandermeer comes back with a right. They struggle to get loose and Vandermeer lands four consecutive lefts. They then go toe-to-toe over about 20-25 seconds. They tie up and a linesman comes in to break it up but Downey pushes him away and proceeds to land a bomb. Downey then lands about 5-6 lefts. Vandermeer comes back with a right. Downey starts spinning Vandermeer around and lands about 3-4 lefts. Vandermeer has his right cocked and lands one. Downey lands a few short rights. Vandermeer has his right cocked again and lands a shot that sends Downey off-balance and to the ice.
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Jody Shelley vs. Aaron Downey
3 Pd 9:33
STL @CBJ Jody Shelley
Voted winner:  Jody Shelley   (98.2%) - Voted rating: 6.2
They drop the gloves and have a nice, long square off at center ice. Shelley spends the majority of the time trying to grab Downey's sleeve. When he finally does, Shelley lands a big right hand that drops Downey to the ice. The linesman holds Downey until he collects himself and he skates away, blood streaming from his right eye.
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Todd Fedoruk vs. Aaron Downey
2 Pd 5:24
STL @ANA Todd Fedoruk
Voted winner:  Todd Fedoruk   (98.6%) - Voted rating: 7.2
Barret Jackman chases Tyler Wright up and down the ice to try and get him to drop the gloves, shoving him and giving him slashes before Wright turtles to the ice. Jackman starts throwing gloved punches to Wright's head while he is down as Zenon Konopka comes over and grabs Jackman. Meanwhile, Fedoruk and Downey are away from the scrum squaring off. They grab on and Fedoruk throws a left to start things off. They wrestle around before Fedoruk gets his right free and throws an uppercut and a right cross with Downey returning fire with two rights as Fedoruk slips to the ice, bringing Downey with him. They get back on their feet and grapple for a bit until Fedoruk gets his left free and nails Downey as Downey is throwing a right. Downey collapses to the ice as Fedoruk holds him up, keeping his head from hitting the ice. Other Penalties: Barret Jackman received a triple roughing.
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Aaron Downey vs. Andre Roy
2 Pd 3:2
@MON PIT Andre Roy
Voted winner:  Andre Roy   (46.7%) - Voted rating: 6.5
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Aaron Downey vs. Luke Richardson
3 Pd 14:4
@MON TOR Luke Richardson
Voted winner:  Aaron Downey   (20.3%) - Voted rating: 1.9
During the scrum that resulted in the Allison-Dandenault fight, Downey and Richardson have paired off and have one another locked up very well. Downey tries to throw a weak jab or two, but comes nowhere near connecting. When the linesmen finish with the previous fight, they break this non-eventful bout up. Other Penalties: Each player received a game misconduct.