Eric Cairns

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Jun 27, 1974
From: Oakville, ON Canada
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 230 lbs.
NHL Fights: 13
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Todd Fedoruk vs. Eric Cairns
1 Pd 11:51
NYI @PHI Todd Fedoruk
They drop the gloves and try and throw a couple. Appeared Cairns landed the only punch. A right that might have grazed Fedoruk's head. Very quickly they hug and tire out fast. Linesmen come in.
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Eric Cairns vs. Matthew Barnaby
1 Pd 11:56
@NYI TBL Matthew Barnaby
The two square off and Cairns just grabs Barnaby and starts throwing hard. Cairns really controls this one. Throws 4 or 5 big punches while Barnaby just holds on. Lands at least 3 semi-cleanly. He punched with one hand and jerked his hand holding Barnaby's jersey back and forth and just had complete control. The last one, a right towards the back of his head sends him down (not in the sense of a knockout, it just powered him down, probably willingly on Barnaby's part). Good showing. Mismatch, but with history there, it was expected.
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Eric Cairns vs. Steve McKenna
1 Pd 10:20
@NYI NYR Steve McKenna
Sandy McCarthy bangs with Cairns along the boards they have words, square off, but are a good distance away from each other. Play goes on and they become distracted (it appeared that Cairns decided not to take on McCarthy, and then stepped up, possibly changing his mind). While Cairns moves forward McKenna comes in on a partial breakaway, and gets off a weak shot. Osgood cannot control the rebound and McCarthy puts in the rebound. McCarthy, while in the crease, raises his arms in celebration and Cairns just pops him with a right to the jaw. McCarthy drops to the ice (possibly embellished after watching the replay). McKenna comes over and pretty much jumps Cairns. They are then able to face each other. McKenna threw a couple, none landing and Cairns basically went low on McKenna and dumped him. While this is going on Jason Blake stands in the front of the goal and McCarthy gives him a few pushes. Things then clear up in front of the net. Steve Webb then goes over to McCarthy to try and draw another penalty and McCarthy gives Webb a couple of glove-punches. Then, while Cairns is in the box, Fleury standing in front of the Rangers bench does the chicken flap. McCarthy flexes his muscles inside the box and him and Cairns have some words. Other Penalties: McCarthy received a roughing and misconduct; 10:20; Blake a roughing; Cairns a cross checking; Webb a misconduct; McKenna an instigator and misconduct.
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Eric Cairns vs. Joey Tetarenko
1 Pd 8:52
@NYI FLA Joey Tetarenko
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (96%) - Voted rating: 5.8
With some puching and shoving, it starts in front of the Isles net. They grab on quick and Cairns starts throwing powerful rights. Tetarenko throws two rights of his own at the same time. Cairns' land as he has Tetarenko slightly hunched over. Cairns then tries to throw a big uppercut but it misses. He then throws another that lands. Cairns now throws a punch above the head, going for the under-over. This lands, but not as hard. As they're turning Cairns throws another overhanded punch that lands decently to the side of Tetarenko's head. Tetarenko tries to retaliate with two quick rights of his own that both miss. Cairns is winding up for a possible left when Tetarenko goes for a huge right that misses as Cairns leans back. Another right by Tetarenko that grazes off the outside of Cairns' shoulder. Cairns then misses an uppercut and both miss a right at the same time. Cairns then throws a straight right that lands solid as Tetarenko was trying to get the shoulder up. Cairns then throws another right that hits Tetarenko as he's beginning to fall (from the shot before). Tetarenko goes down and Cairns stops throwing as the linesmen come in. Solid display from Cairns.
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Eric Cairns vs. Peter Worrell
3 Pd 3:46
@NYI FLA Peter Worrell
Cairns second fight of the game. Two minutes earlier these two served coincidental minors for roughing. Worrell gets the puck a few seconds out of the box and Cairns checks him. The two then drop the gloves and attempt to finish what they wanted to start before. Worrell starts with a right that Cairns attempts to dodge. In doing so, Worrell practically has him turned around. Worrell then throws five consecutive shots to the back of Cairns' helmet trailing to right below his neck by the end. He's trying to turn around to be face-to-face with Worrell but Worrell hugs and won't let him. Worrell then tries to get Cairns' helmet off and Cairns grabs it to stop him. Worrell then throws two more rights to the back of Cairns' head. Cairns is then able to turn around, but Worrell is still holding on real tight. They hug some more and Cairns gives Worrell a tap to the face with his fist and the linesmen come in to break it up. Worrell looked like he was the one that insisted on the wrestling match.
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Sandy McCarthy vs. Eric Cairns
1 Pd 1:17
NYI @NYR Sandy McCarthy
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (95.2%) - Voted rating: 7.2
A little after a minute into the game, Mats Lindgren scores. The ensuing faceoff has McCarthy and Cairns both playing their first shift of the game. The puck drops and McCarthy heads straight for Cairns. Cairns gives him a nudge, saying "I do", and the two drop the gloves. Squaring off, they do a moderate 360, Cairns grabs ahold of McCarthy with his left and starts tossing rights. Aiming for the temple, Cairns lands the first three getting face and helmet. A jersey pull and a short right lands. Next right is a half punch that ends in Cairns swiping off McCarthy's helmet. Cairns then shakes off his elbow pad and throws a couple of more rights that land, but a little weaker then the first few. McCarthy is then able to grab one of Cairns' arms, and Cairns has to have both hands holding on to McCarthy for balance. He's slightly hunched over, and McCarthy throws a big right uppercut that misses. A stright right by McCarthy then catches Cairns' face. Cairns has let go with his right hand now and they're trying to swing for position. Cairns then throws an off-balance right that misses. He gets McCarthy's jersey over his head for a moment and throws a quick uppercut, hook, each just grazing McCarthy's head. McCarthy grabs Cairns' arm and pops his head out of his jersey. Cairns then throws another right which goes over McCarthy's head. McCarthy then responds with two stright rights that Cairns dodges. A big right hook by Sandy Mac then flies over the ducking Cairns. Cairns looks like he's about to swing but is losing his balance and takes down McCarthy.
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Eric Cairns vs. Stephane Quintal
2 Pd 13:33
@NYI MON Stephane Quintal
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (66.7%) - Voted rating: 6.4
Shortly after the Habs score, these two drop 'em in the Isles zone a little in front of the net. Quintal is the aggresor and grab Cairns immediately. The momentum from them grabbing takes them towards the boards. Cairns is about to start off with a right that's semi-blocked by Quintal as Cairns stops mid-throw. Quintal then throws a right that misses. They each have their right hands free, and they're almost against the boards now. Eric tries to throw a straight right, and Quintal an upper-cut. Cairns doesn't connect, and Quintal hits the bottom of Cairns' arm. Quintal then connects with a solid right as Cairns is also throwing a punch that goes down into Quintal's chest. Quintal throws another quick one that hits helmet. Two more thrown by Quintal. First one grazes Cairns' face, the next goes over his head. In between the two Cairns threw a right that went no where. Quintal then throws an uppercut that didn't seem to hit anything or have any effect. Cairns then throws a monster overhand right that hits temple/helmet area. A moment of grappling and then another big overhand from Cairns that possibly grazes Quintal. Huge uppercut from Cairns now sends Quintal's head snapping back! Back to the overhand which misses as Quintal is straightening back up. A right hook from Cairns now also connects hard! Some more grappling and then a right uppercut by Cairns that misses. Then a right by Quintal as Cairns gets up the shoulder to block. A straight right by Cairns nails him! Cairns then shoulder-blocks the next right from Quintal and fires another straight right that tags Quintal again. Quick pulling and then Cairns hits some helmet. A body uppercut or something that looks like it from Quintal pushes Cairns back. Some more pulling and now Cairns pulls his right arm underneath his jersey. You can see his fight-strap is definitely tied down since half of it's up now. They both straighten up, Quintal throws a left hook that misses and Cairns tosses a big right that misses or possibly hits, but either way it hunches Quintal over since Cairns has his arm right above Quintal's shoulder. Linesmen then come in since Quintal is on his knee. Some words are exchanged on the way over to the box.
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Eric Cairns vs. Steve McKenna
1 Pd 10:17
@NYI NYR Steve McKenna
McKenna is on the defensive from the beginning as he seems to be waiting for a stick to get out from in between them. Cairns gets a few in and as soon as McKenna starts throwing he loses his balance. McKenna falls but gets up quickly while eating 1 or 2 and then a big exchange of haymakers seems to surprise Eric (nothing big landed though). A couple of more exchanged and McKenna falls for the second time ending the fight.
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Eric Cairns vs. Tie Domi
2 Pd 11:41
@NYI TOR Tie Domi
Voted winner:  Tie Domi   (43.2%) - Voted rating: 8.5
Behind the Isles' net, these two are pinned along the boards and start some shoving. They move away from the boards, the gloves shed and Domi throws three lefts. Domi got his gloves off quicker and has the momentum. The first knocks off Cairns' helmet, the next two miss, both going over Cairns' head. Cairns is ducking and just falls. Cairns pulls Domi down a bit with him and they get back up together. Domi paws at him with the left, and then throws a left punch that goes into the back of Cairns' neck as he's ducking again. Cairns now spins up and throws a monster left that bounces off of Tie's helmet (since Tie's head is just as hard, no need to remove that helmet). Tie counters with a left that runs out of room by Cairns shoulder. Reach advantage in play here now. Another monster left by Cairns! This time Domi's attempting to pull up Cairns' jersey as he gets caught. Pop goes that helmet! (so much for the previous theory). With both guys swinging hard, balancing in between punches is necessary here. Big right by Cairns hits Domi's back/shoulder. Another right hits Domi in the same area. Domi counters with his own huge left! Over-the-top left by Cairns gets Domi again! A left uppercut by Cairns misses. Big-time left by Domi now, and because of angle, it's hard to tell if it hits or not since Cairns was moving in the same direction as the punch to begin with. Another big left by Domi! No doubt that one landed. Each wind up for another haymaker and Cairns gets his right in before Domi gets his left, and Domi goes down to a knee! Domi's popping up quickly, and Cairns misses with a left. Each go for a simultaneous punch again, and this time Domi gets his in first. Huge right there. Cairns attempts a right that goes over Domi's head, and now Domi swings a right over Cairns' head. Cairns swings a left, and it doesn't look like it lands from the camera angle. Domi swings a right that can't quite reach Cairns' as Cairns has the long arm stretched out again. Domi pulls Cairns down with the left and throws a right that bops Cairns on the top of the head. A right by Cairns, but angle makes it too hard to judge. Cairns switches hands for the umpteenth time and Domi throws a right that sails over a ducking Cairns. Cairns attempts to straighten up and Domi's got him a little tangled in his own jersey. Domi leans on Cairns and gets the takedown. Goooood fight.
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Eric Cairns vs. Dennis Bonvie
2 Pd 10:3
@NYI BOS Dennis Bonvie
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (51.1%) - Voted rating: 6.4
Mutual start with a fair square off. Bonvie dives in first and grabs on. Cairns grabs on as well and it begins. A big right by Bonvie connects. Cairns throws a big left that misses, and both fighters throw one, and Bonvie right gets helmet and a Cairns left sails high. Bonvie's next right misses and then both players jockey for position. Another Bonvie right catches helmet, and then Cairns gets the right arm out of the jersey. Bonvie throws a left that hits shoulder, then Cairns unloads with six big rights, at least two connecting somewhat hard. Bonvie's left misses and then Cairns got the left free. Three lefts from Cairns miss along with a mixed-in Bonvie right. Bonvie throws two rights that hit shoulder and a right uppercut that connects. Cairns misses again with the right, and a short right by Bonvie connects. Cairns missed with two short rights and a huge right that Bonvie didn't mind ducking under. One more Cairns right misses and the linesmen are in.
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Jeff Odgers vs. Eric Cairns
2 Pd 3:6
NYI @ATL Jeff Odgers
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (100%) - Voted rating: 5.6
Cairns moves the puck up out of the zone, and Odgers turns around, the shove (after lots of chatting), and they drop the gloves. Nothing much at first. Just a right miss by Cairns, and then Odgers starts up with the rights. Many punches that don't come close to Cairns face as Odgers does not have reach on his size. Shoulder or just missing short on all. Then Cairns takes control. Some overhand rights, at least one landing. A pause, and then an attempt at a punch by Odgers and more overhands by Cairns, hard to tell what's landing - some, not all, not none. Spinning around, Cairns switches hands. He throws a left uppercut that lands as Odgers goes down. He's cocked and ready but just waits as it's obvious this one should end with Odgers down. Linesmen in, and that's it.
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Jody Shelley vs. Eric Cairns
1 Pd 9:35
NYI @CBJ Jody Shelley
The two found each other near center ice and the gloves came off. After a square-off, Shelley takes the first shot and then the two settle in. They both grab a handful of jersey to set themselves. They each trade a few shots that didn't get in, then Cairns throws a couple, landing one. It's Jody's turn next, getting in one shot. Cairns then starts throwing the haymakers, landing 2. One cut open Shelly's nose and it looked like the other grazed helmet. Shelly had a cut on his nose and Cairns had some visible cuts on his hand.
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Rob Ray vs. Eric Cairns
3 Pd 19:55
NYI @BUF Rob Ray
The two squared off during a scrum with 4 seconds left to play. They tossed some nice looking rights, both connected, but Cairns eventually outpowered Ray and knocked him down. Other Penalties: Mark Parrish received a roughing.