Eric Cairns

2003-2004 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Jun 27, 1974
From: Oakville, ON Canada
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 230 lbs.
NHL Fights: 17
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Andrew Peters vs. Eric Cairns
3 Pd 13:46
NYI @BUF Andrew Peters
Voted winner:  Andrew Peters   (81.3%) - Voted rating: 5.8
Long squareoff. They finally grab a hold of each other and they're trying to get the arms free. Cairns wants to throw big rights, while Peters is throwing short jabs. Cairns can't get much going, while Peters is getting his jabs in. It's more apparent when Peters gets Cairns up against the boards and pinned while landing some more jabs. Cairns finally gets off the boards, throws a couple that miss, goes to wind up and Peters falls, bringing Eric down with him. Cairns throws a shot while down.
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Eric Cairns vs. Kelly Buchberger
1 Pd 14:29
@NYI PIT Kelly Buchberger
After a squareoff, Buchberger started throwing wild punches while Cairns was catching his balance. Cairns might have landed a decent uppercut, then he got Kelly's jersey up over his head and landed a couple of overhand rights to the back of Kelly's head, but Buchy kept coming while the linesmen came in.
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Eric Cairns vs. Steve McKenna
2 Pd 6:16
@NYI PIT Steve McKenna
Cairns has words with Lemieux and McKenna comes over. They meet behind the net, along boards and are immediately tied up. Cairns has Mckenna in a headlock and is talking to the linesmen the whole time. Could be about the visor McKenna currently is sporting. They finally start swinging, McKenna a right and Cairns a left or two. Cairns goes to the right and now both guys are throwing right hands with some intent. They both land a couple of rights, and McKenna gets Cairns' jersey up. Linesmen come right in. McKenna did receive the unsportsmanlike conduct for instigating with a visor. Other Penalties: McKenna received an instigator, unsportsmanlike conduct and misconduct.
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Todd Fedoruk vs. Eric Cairns
2 Pd 13:24
NYI @PHI Todd Fedoruk
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (52.4%) - Voted rating: 6.5
These two have a good square off behind the play. As they come together, Fedoruk nails Cairns with a hard left on the chin, dropping him. The linesmen hestitate to get in, and Fedoruk lets Cairns back up to continue. They each throw an overhand right, and then Cairns gets his right arm out of his sleeve. Cairns lands a hard right cross, square on Fedoruk's cheek, causing Todd to grab on. Cairns throws a few more from underneath before he lets up and the two tumble to the ice. It was later revealed that Fedoruk had his orbital bone broken in the fight.
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Jim McKenzie vs. Eric Cairns
2 Pd 3:12
NYI @NSH Jim McKenzie
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (29.4%) - Voted rating: 5.6
Both fighters squareoff at center ice. They each start off with several short rights to the forehead and helmet. Cairns pops McKenzie's helmet off with one of the punches. Neither fighter looks to land anything heavy, but Cairns threw several more and looked like he controlled the short, but lively fight. They each seemed to tire out pretty quickly.
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Eric Cairns vs. Stephen Peat
1 Pd 10:32
@NYI WAS Stephen Peat
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (72.2%) - Voted rating: 7.8
They have a nice square off at center ice and Peat and Cairns start to trade 'em. Peat lands some nice lefts and it looked as though Cairns might go down, but he takes those shots and returns some moster rights towards while getting Peat's sweater over his head as Cairns punches him to the ice.
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Eric Cairns vs. Richard Scott
1 Pd 12:8
@NYI NYR Richard Scott
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (100%) - Voted rating: 7.3
They are skating into the Rangers zone and Scott drops them first. Cairns wants a squareoff, but Scott just charges after Cairns. They start throwing good hard rights, both knocking off each other's helmet. It was Cairns early, Scott in the middle, and Cairns again late. They both just fired rights during the whole fight. At the very end, Cairns popped Scott with a right that appeared to hit flush. Scott seemed a bit dazed after it and did not return.
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Eric Cairns vs. Jeff Cowan
3 Pd 19:34
@NYI ATL Jeff Cowan
Cowan has some words for Kvasha, who was given a goaltender interference penalty for knocking over Nurminen. Cairns comes in to say hello and it's broken up. It's now 3 on 3 and these two are still out there for the faceoff, so you know it's coming. The puck drops, and they squareoff. It looks even, some ok shots by both. Cowan gets in a couple of shots as Cairns also lands some ok ones. Cairns is trying to get his right hand out of his sleeve. He does, and throws two uppercuts. Cowan's already bent over, and it appears the uppercuts landed on the top of Cowan's head, and Cowan goes down.
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Doug Doull vs. Eric Cairns
1 Pd 10:17
NYI @BOS Doug Doull
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (100%) - Voted rating: 6.3
Earlier they received coincidental roughings at the time, but didn't go when they got out of the box because another penalty was taken within that time putting Boston on the power play. They meet behind the net finally and drop the gloves and squareoff. They grab on and Cairns is firing rights at will, but nothing devastating. Doull gets in maybe one or two punches out of the few that he threw. Cairns has him bent over a couple of times, but doesn't take advantage really. Doull throws a few more as the linesmen come in as Cairns says something to him.
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Steve Ott vs. Eric Cairns
1 Pd 15:2
NYI @DAL Steve Ott
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (40.9%) - Voted rating: 1.8
Stars score while Ott and Cairns are battling. Goal goes in and Cairns takes a gloved-punch from Ott. Cairns drops his gloves, one of Ott's goes flying; and then Arnott jumps in (and along comes everyone else). It's a pile and that's the end of it. Other Penalties: Jason Arnott received a game misconduct.
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Aaron Downey vs. Eric Cairns
2 Pd 4:51
NYI @DAL Aaron Downey
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (93.8%) - Voted rating: 6.8
They agreed to go off of a faceoff, although many feet from each other. A dramatic glove "fling", as Downey likes to do, and they square off. Downey threw a punch that missed and the rest was all Cairns. Some hard rights from Cairns land, maybe five or six, with a few grazing ones in between. Cairns sends Downey to a knee and the linesmen come in.
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Andrei Nazarov vs. Eric Cairns
1 Pd 2:36
NYI @ARI Andrei Nazarov
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (39.3%) - Voted rating: 3.9
Cairns takes a run at Doan and knocks him down. Later on Nazarov goes after Cairns and they drop the gloves outside of the Coyotes' zone moving towards the Islanders' zone. They exchange some ok rights, and then Naz goes to move back and Cairns switches hands and throws some awkward lefts. Naz straightens and gets in-close. They grapple and throw some short shots that don't hit much and then Naz takes Cairns down.
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Dale Purinton vs. Eric Cairns
3 Pd 16:6
NYI @NYR Dale Purinton
Voted winner:  Dale Purinton   (54.9%) - Voted rating: 4
Purinton and Cairns are in the crease. Cairns is turned and Purinton drops the gloves and cracks Cairns with a big punch just as Cairns is getting his gloves off. Purinton keeps punching as Papineau jumps in, then Snow, then everyone. Cairns takes a moment, regains composure, the crowd gets off of him and he gets up and goes after Purinton while both are being held by the linesmen. Cairns is trying to get at Purinton while Purinton is covering up. Cairns gets some punches in, but nothing much is getting through. While Papineau was really third man in, Snow's tossed for being "third" man in for some reason. Other Penalties: Purinton received an instigator, misconduct and game misconduct; Garth Snow a game misconduct.
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Eric Cairns vs. Dale Purinton
1 Pd 9:13
@NYI NYR Dale Purinton
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (96.8%) - Voted rating: 3.8
It all starts with Godard and Barnaby. Then Cairns and Purinton come in and suddenly Cairns gets elbowed by Purinton and Purinton falls down. Cairns then throws a handful of punches at the turtling Purinton. Godard starts shoving everyone and Simon grabs him. Godard with rights, Simon with lefts, some good punches back and forth. Simon falls down and Godard falls on top. Other Penalties: Cairns received an instigator, misconduct and game misconduct.
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Owen Nolan vs. Eric Cairns
2 Pd 12:59
NYI @TOR Owen Nolan
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (81.8%) - Voted rating: 2.6
They're in front of the net, the whistle blows. A shove and then a gloved punch by Cairns. Nolan looks at the ref, sees no call and throws a gloved one back. While still shoving they drop the gloves and Cairns easily gets Nolan's jersey up over his head and throws two light punches as the linesmen are rushing in along with some teammates. The linesmen break it up while Nolan's trying to throw some lefts, which don't really reach. Other Penalties: Each player received a roughing.
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Garrett Burnett vs. Eric Cairns
1 Pd 8:17
NYI @ANA Garrett Burnett
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (51.5%) - Voted rating: 3.4
They come to together behind the Islanders' net. Burnett's off-balance already, they're both trying to throw rights. Nothing looks like it's connecting. Burnett then falls with Cairns on top.
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Grant Marshall vs. Eric Cairns
1 Pd 9:3
NYI @NJD Grant Marshall
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (84%) - Voted rating: 7.1
Both talking inside the Isles blueline. They drop them and squareoff. Marshall starts to throw lefts, two of which looked to land good. Cairns is a bit off-balance as he's throwing rights. Marshall switches back to the rights. Cairns starts to use his size and gets Marshall off-balance and starts to land a few rights. Cairns lands about four or five rights to the back of Marshall's head as he's a bit hunched over and off-balance and then the linesmen come in.