Eric Cairns

2005-2006 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Jun 27, 1974
From: Oakville, ON Canada
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 230 lbs.
NHL Fights: 8
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Eric Cairns vs. Colton Orr
1 Pd 2:37
@FLA BOS Colton Orr
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (66.7%) - Voted rating: 8.3
They drop the gloves near center ice and square off. Orr leads with a couple of rights, which come up short. Cairns retaliates with about eleven rights, with probably half landing, some good ones too, one knocking the helmet off of Orr. During the barrage Orr looks to have his right caught up in his jersey, but finally manages to get in tight and gets a better position on Cairns and starts landing some rights. He lands a few good ones, but then Cairns unleashes some more rights with one landing square to Orr's chin which almost put him down. Orr comes back and lands three or four rights, but they're both exhausted at this point and the linesmen come in.
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Brian McGrattan vs. Eric Cairns
1 Pd 9:41
FLA @OTT Brian McGrattan
Voted winner:  Brian McGrattan   (56.9%) - Voted rating: 6.8
This one starts by center ice. Both guys drop the mits and square off. After a nice square off McGrattan grabs on with his left. McGrattan gets things started with a nice left jersey-jab. He tries to follow that up with a right hand, but misses over the top. Cairns answers that with a nice right hand to the side of the face. Cairns then throws another right hand that hits the top of McGrattan's helmet. McGrattan throws a left hand that may have landed. Cairns throws a right that comes up short. McGrattan follows with a right, but Cairns ducks it and throws a right that looks to catch the helmet. McGrattan then throws a right which misses over the top. McGrattan gets in 2-3 jersey-jabs and then is hit with a left jersey-jab by Cairns which knocks his helmet off. Cairns throws three more left jersey-jabs and then McGrattan attemps a right hand, but it is blocked by Cairns' left arm. Cairns attempts a big left, but misses and McGrattan quickly answers with a right, but also misses. Cairns then throws another right which lands nicely. McGrattan then gets in a nice jersey-jab which puts Cairns off-balance. With Cairns off-balance McGrattan throws a right hand, but it doesn't look to land as Cairns falls to the ice.
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Eric Cairns vs. Eric Godard
3 Pd 6:49
@FLA NYI Eric Godard
Voted winner:  Eric Godard   (84.7%) - Voted rating: 7.2
Cairns gives Godard a shove as Godard is skating back up ice. They talk for a little bit and decide to drop the gloves and square off. They grab on as Cairns lands two jersey-jabs before Godard misses with a flurry of locked out rights. Godard then lands a number of jersey-jabs of his own on Cairns. They exchange right hands before Cairns throws about 8-9 rights with Godard returning fire in the form of two left hooks as Cairns is still throwing. They exchange more punches before Godard lands an overhand right that causes Cairns to stop throwing. They pause for a moment and begin throwing again, Godard with uppercuts and rights; Cairns with rights and jersey-jabs. They exchange punches before tiring out and ending the fight themselves as the linesmen come in as escorts.
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Eric Cairns vs. Turner Stevenson
2 Pd 2:0
@PIT PHI Turner Stevenson
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (80%) - Voted rating: 2.7
Behind the play, they drop the gloves and square off. Cairns grabs on and throws two rights that miss before connecting with a couple of jersey-jabs. Stevenson throws a right to the side of Cairns' helmet as Cairns returns fire with a right of his own. Stevenson fights to keep his balance before he falls to the ice. Cairns lands another right while Stevenson is going down.
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Doug Doull vs. Eric Cairns
2 Pd 6:26
PIT @WAS Doug Doull
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (83.7%) - Voted rating: 4.4
Doull takes a run at Cairns beside the Pittsburgh net and they push and shove before dropping the gloves. They square off and Cairns grabs ahold of Doull, throws three right crosses and an uppercut, with two of the punches connecting. Doull pushes Cairns up against the glass and throws two rights before losing his balance and falling to the ice, taking Cairns down with him. Other Penalties: Doull received a slashing.
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Zdeno Chara vs. Eric Cairns
2 Pd 20:0
PIT @OTT Zdeno Chara
Voted winner:  Zdeno Chara   (67.5%) - Voted rating: 6.2
Other Penalties: Cairns received a spearing major, misconduct and double game misconduct; Chara a misconduct.
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Donald Brashear vs. Eric Cairns
3 Pd 5:18
PIT @PHI Donald Brashear
Voted winner:  Eric Cairns   (55.2%) - Voted rating: 7.3
The two step out of the penalty box, glance at each other, and drop the gloves. After squaring off at the blueline, Brashear grabs ahold of Cairns and throws four lefts with two connecting before losing his balance and going down to a knee. Brashear returns to his feet and throws another left while Cairns returns fire with five straight rights, one of them knocking off Brashear's helmet. Brashear is able to get Cairns bent over and then gets his left arm free, firing off three lefts. Cairns responds with a right and the two go toe-to-toe with punches for a short moment: Brashear with lefts, Cairns with rights. Brashear then throws three more lefts while Cairns tries to get his right arm free from Brashear's grasp. Cairns does and throws two more rights while Brashear loses his balance and falls to the ice.
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Eric Cairns vs. John Erskine
2 Pd 8:35
@PIT NYI John Erskine
Voted winner:  John Erskine   (92.8%) - Voted rating: 5.7
Cairns hits Steve Regier from behind along the boards. Erskine skates over and challenges Cairns with the two skating away from the boards, dropping the gloves, and squaring off. They grab ahold of each other and Cairns throws a right and two jersey-jabs. Erskine throws a right that hits Cairns' helmet. Erskine then throws a jersey-jab which sets up a right cross that connects and sends Cairns to the ice. The linesmen quickly jump in right after.