Andy Sutton

2001-2002 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Mar 10, 1975
From: London, ON Canada
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 240 lbs.
NHL Fights: 7
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Philippe Boucher vs. Andy Sutton
2 Pd 8:12
MIN @LAK Philippe Boucher
Sutton gets in a couple of quick punches when they start to hug. They each took turns pinning each other up against the boards and hugged some more until tiring out some and having the linesmen break it up.
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Reid Simpson vs. Andy Sutton
3 Pd 3:31
MIN @MON Reid Simpson
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Billy Tibbetts vs. Andy Sutton
1 Pd 4:5
MIN @PIT Billy Tibbetts
Tibbetts lays out Walz in the open ice which left anticipation for a fight. Sutton instantly got the upper hand with his reach, locked Tibbetts out, and began throwing. Tibbetts had his head turned to the side the whole fight to avoid the longer reach of Sutton, hence no damage done to either fighter. Sutton was in full control though.
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Andy Sutton vs. Denny Lambert
1 Pd 7:5
@ATL ANA Denny Lambert
Lambert goaded Sutton prior to the faceoff. Slegr actually moved across from Lambert, but as soon as the puck dropped he jumped right in Sutton's face. Sutton took the bait and immediately dropped the gloves (he got the extra 2 minutes). The only solid punch that landed was an uppercut by Sutton that seemed to stun Denny. The funny part of the fight was immediately after the fight he (Lambert) skated to the home penalty box (old habits die hard). Other Penalties: Sutton received a boarding.
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Andy Sutton vs. Dennis Bonvie
1 Pd 16:2
@ATL BOS Dennis Bonvie
They square off and exchange a couple of punches, but Sutton loses his balance and falls to the ice with Bonvie falling atop him.
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Andy Sutton vs. Scott Parker
1 Pd 15:30
@ATL COL Scott Parker
The courting was longer than the mating. After sizing each other up for what seemed like hours Sutton lands the first punch. Parker responds with 3 of his own. Sutton slips/dives to the ground.
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Andre Roy vs. Andy Sutton
1 Pd 15:24
ATL @TBL Andre Roy
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