Andy Sutton

2005-2006 Regular Season Fight Card
Position: D
Birthday: Mar 10, 1975
From: London, ON Canada
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 240 lbs.
NHL Fights: 2
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Ryan VandenBussche vs. Andy Sutton
1 Pd 2:13
ATL @PIT Ryan VandenBussche
Sutton throws a clean check on Talbot, skates up ice and VandenBussche checks Sutton into the boards and they drop em. Sutton's stick is between them during the short fight and Vandy's trying to deal with Sutton and the stick. Sutton goes for VandenBussche's helmet, pulling him downward, and throws an uppercut that might have landed, then just misses a wild right across Vandy's bow.Vandy throws an off-balance left that Sutton ducks, then falls, pulling VandenBussche on top of him. Other Penalties: VandenBussche received an interference.
Date/Time For Against Opponent
Andy Sutton vs. Vincent Lecavalier
1 Pd 16:12
@ATL TBL Vincent Lecavalier
Voted winner:  Vincent Lecavalier   (75%) - Voted rating: 5.6
Other Penalties: Sutton received an elbowing and game misconduct.